We posted this report on Trip Advisor.

We visited Couples Tower Isle in March, 2013 after having visited Couples Sans Souci in March 2012. Our thoughts about CTI and how it stacks up against CSS:

Airport Transfers were included in the package and CTI is a slightly longer ride (about 10-15 minutes longer - in fact you pass CSS on the way to CTI) from Montego Bay then CSS is. All transfers to and from the airport were smooth.

Food - The food at CTI was very good...Eight Rivers at CTI was better than anything we had at CSS. The Veranda restaurant also featured good food (though the service there could be better). Clear edge to CTI here.

Beach - We enjoy AN and much preferred Sunset Beach (SSB) at CSS to the Island at CTI. SSB has more shade for those of us to need to be careful with sun exposure. Also, during our week at CTI we completely lost one day and parts of two others to red flag conditions (the water was too rough for the shuttle to ferry folks to and from the island. We also found SSB to be more private than the island. The people we met at both places were pleasant. Clear edge to CSS here.

Rooms - Pretty much a wash...the Premier Ocean room we had at CTI was newer. We stayed in "G" block at CSS and loved the view and the seclusion. Both were fine for our purposes.

Service - Generally good at CTI, but there were a few lapses here and there. the service at CSS was superb - Edge CSS

Property/Ambiance - CTI seemed to have a younger crowd and more of a party vibe than CSS...part of the vibe may be due to CTI being very compact and CSS having more of a campus-style spread out feel to it. CTI had more of a beach resort feel to it. We preferred the vibe at CTI.

In the end for us it would really come down to SSB vs. the better food at CTI. if the price was close, we would probably pick CTI. A significant price difference would make the decision for us. In the end, we enjoyed both resorts and would happily return to either.