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    Hi everyone, we are staying at SS in June. Is there a Catholic church nearby that we could attend? Is it far, how would we arrange transportation, etc.
    Also, I noticed on the SS schedule that yoga is only offered once on Wednesday And late in the day...I don't really feel like practicing yoga after a few cocktails. Does anyone know if they offer it more, or during the morning? Thank you!!!

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    Our Lady of Fatima in Ocho Rios is not far and beautiful. The parishoners were so friendly that we felt an immediate welcome.

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    Our Lady of Fatima is 10 minutes drive away, and CSS arranges complimentary transport if you ask. Sunday Mass is at 10.30. Website is We were there 3 weeks ago and had a lovely welcome.

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    When we were there in January there was a whiteboard in the yoga area that had a note indicating that there was a session at 9am each day. We arrived at 9am one morning and no one was there, so we hit the gym. On our way out of the gym we saw that there was a yoga class in-session. It must have started slightly later than 9, but it was happening. We're going back at the end of June/beginning of July and are hoping to catch at least a couple classes this time.

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