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    My fiancé are going to CSA in May for our honeymoon. I know we will enjoy ourselves no matter the weather but would love to know the "typical" weather. Thanks!

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    We have been the past two years in May to CSA. The weather is pretty good. The forecast will say chance of rain every day. It will rain most days, usually for a very quick shower, and usually later in day. Many of the rain showers we wouldn't even leave the beach...we would stand under beach bar, have a drink, then back in ocean a few minutes later. Only once did we experience an almost 2 hour rainfall.

    Other than that, it is hot but not unbearable. Even eating at the open air restaurants at night i never felt gross or too sticky.

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    high 87, low 77 always a chance of rain - I have never seen it last more than 10 minutes. Even though the 'high' may seem cool, it can feel like 100 in the sun! We always travel to Jamaica in May and in the last 6 years there was only and 1 trip with 2 days that were too windy to deal with beach sand (this was in Ocho Rios). No worries.

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    It "May" or "May not Rain". LOL We go in may as well and we had had one really rainy vacation in all the five times we had been there. It didn't bother me any. I sat under a tree on the beach still, went swimming and if it thundered then we hit the bar! Go and have fun!


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    We too always go in May. May 4th this year to CSS.

    I remember my first trip I booked to Jamaica. I kept checking the website. It showed rain, storms and clouds for the entire upcoming week we were planning to be there. I almost cancelled! Thank God I did not.

    Don't even look at that website... it will only freak you out. They show clouds/rain/storms for the entire month.

    There is plenty of sun, and when there's not, it's such a relief! An occassional rain shower will pop up... but seems to pass quickly... and the sun comes right back out. Back in May of 2009 at CSA (when we we're married), it poured for about two hours one day. It was one of our favorite days of all times. We sat in the swim up pool bar under the roof hut and had a blast talking with other folks. The Bob Marley drinks were being poured... and the Red Strip beer never tasted so good.

    I have never check out the weather again since that trip. Have a great trip! I know you will.

    Randy & Kim

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    May is the beginning of Jamaica's rainy season but that does not mean it rains all the time. We have gone in April and May with little problem. Usually, if rain falls it will be for a short time in the afternoon but then it clears up. Expect most days to be sunny in the mid 80s with occasional clouds. We all know the one thing you can't control is the weather but try to remember that if it does rain one day...a rainy day in Jamaica is better than a sunny one at work!

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    We didn't go in May, but we went to CSA the third week of June 2010. There was a tropical depression swirling over Jamaica, and although the week wasn't a total wash-out, it rained every day, sometimes for hours, we didn't get a single one of those infamous Negril sunsets, the beach party had to be held indoors, and I didn't get much of a tan. What did we do?? We played beach volleyball in a flooding downpour, hung out at the beach and pool bars, went to Rick's, swam the ocean, sat in the hot tub, and had the TIME OF OUR LIVES, despite the weather! The weather could have been better, but we would change NOTHING about that week in paradise!! No Way!! Best vacation ever, rain and all!!

    54 days! CSA here we come again!!!

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    We have been to Couples 8 times, January 2005, July 2005, I would not suggest either of those months, January was windy and a little on the cool side, July we had part of a small (very small) hurricane come through, still enjoyed ourselves to the max. Then 2006, 2007
    in April at CN (the other two visits were CN also), 2008 at CSS had an issue trying to get sunnage, quite a bit of rain that year. 2009 started out at CTI, (Grand Opening) transferred to CSS, great weather. Did not make it in 2010. 2011 and 2012 back to CSS but this time it was in May, both years the weather was wonderful. Nice warm sunny days, very comfortable evenings. It doesn't matter what the weather does, Couples will make it a great vacation/holiday.

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