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    We just got back from our first trip to CSA and Jamaica. We had a great time. On the Saturday night that we were there we went to hear Ultimate Chocolate. We were the first ones there, so we got a drink and took a seat a bit in the back. My husband saw the song books and wondered what this was all about. I tried to explain what it was all about, and said, just give it a try. That night walking back to our room, we talked about how much we enjoyed Ultimate Chocolate with Voice of the Future. There were also a couple of guest singers that were workers at the resort. We went 2 more nights. Every night is like a different show, because you never know who will show up! My husband had his I phone and recorded Ultimate playing Three Little Birdies. I don't know how many people he has shown that since we have been home. We talked to one couple and she said, it's kind of corny, but fun. True!

    Just wondering, how long has Ultimate Chocolate been at CSA? Do any of the other Couples have anyone like Ultimate? How long has Voice of the Future been there? Does Ultimate have any CD's out?

    Wondering if CSA has thought of using that area to have special music in there from like 6:30-8:30. Seems people are looking for something to do during that time while maybe waiting for dinner or after dinner. There is already a bar there, which is a good start.

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    No one has anything to say about Ulitmate Chocolate? Do posts sometimes get missed?

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    Not sure how long Ultimate Chocolate has been at CSA but he was there when we first went in 2009. You are right, he is a BLAST!! An incredibly talented musician and a very nice man. Can't wait to enjoy time with him again in 67 days!!

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    Ultimate was there in October 2009 when we went. He was a lot of fun and cant wait to go back to the piano bar this October. We went to CSS 2 years ago and they didn't have anything like that.

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    Years ago, when I could stay up late after laying in the sun and drinking all day, I spent many hours sitting at Ultimate's piano bar and singing with him and the crowd. I'd have to say it was at least six years ago that I saw him last. Perhaps this trip we'll nap in the afternoon and give it a shot.

    If you've been to CSA and never spent some time singing with Ultimate Chocolate, you're missing one of the best nighttime activities the resort has to offer!
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    There have been many posts in the past. The only thing I can say is that when we were there all we got to see was name that tune on the piano and as many were repeat guests we only heard him play three or four notes at a time and someone would call out the song. We were only there a few nights but that's all we got to experience. Maybe next time.

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    I don't have an exact answer, but I am going to take a guess and say it might be getting close to 10 years since Lenworth went to CSA. My wife and I enjoyed Lenworth (many know his as Ultimate) in the Piano Bar at a more notorious resort in Negril for many years before he finally left there for the gig at CSA. Lenworth is, and always has been, a real talent, a real showman, and a real gentleman. He is the best!
    CSA was wise to grab him! We will do a night pass to visit with him when we are at CN in a few months.
    Respect and good travels!

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    Default Love Ulitmate Chocolate

    Quote Originally Posted by rgveld View Post
    No one has anything to say about Ulitmate Chocolate? Do posts sometimes get missed?
    We have been going to CSA since 2010 and we are planning to go again this year during the Xmas /New years Holiday.

    We love Ultimate Chocolate and do get disappointed when he is not working. He is awesome and the crowd seems to be relaxed, fun and beautiful.

    We are schedule to hit CTI in May and I have read there is a sing along there. Looking forward to it.

    We love the songs, singing and listening. Notice listening. Hubby and I don't sing just dance. We do seek out music and wanted mind having the sing alongs start sooner.

    Bern and Bob
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    We will be going to CSA in 1 day. It will be our first time there and I will check and see about Ultimate Chocolate. I will post findings as soon as I know.

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    Ultimate Chocolate has been at CSA since at least 1999....He's awesome - a great entertainer, very talented, very patient, and just a generally nice guy.

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    Our first trip to CSA was in 1993. Ultimate was there then. 20+ years by my calculations.
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    We had the same experience you did this year. Our first trips to CSA started in 2005. Ulti was lots of fun, and we did a lot of singing while he did a lot of entertaining. How I wish he would drop name that tune and go back to his old schtick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Ultimate Chocolate has been at CSA since at least 1999....He's awesome - a great entertainer, very talented, very patient, and just a generally nice guy.
    He is a sincerely nice guy and very talented. He's been at Swept Away since it opened- Prior to Couples owning it. I had the pleasure of meeting Len in 1993 (when we were both young) ! He is like a good wine and improves with age...

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