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    Does anyone know what days the Dolphin cove excursion goes?

    What day do the cruise ships come in? Don't want to go the same day. I can only imagine how crowded it will be :/

    Has anyone done the dolphin swim? Your thoughts on the experience-Worth it?

    How much is the video that they take of your interaction for you?

    Words cannot describe how excited I am about this excursion. you guys ever seen the youtube video of Kristen Bell on the Ellen show talking about a Sloth. it like that. like seriously...i might cry. and shake like an excited poodle. and cry some more. this thing is number one on my bucket list. 96 days and counting.

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    Husband and I have been to Dolphin Cove twice. It is absolutely wonderful and you are going to love it. We will be going again when we got to CTI in May. I believe that the Dolphin Cove Excursion is every day. I know the shuttle leaves at 9am and returns at 1pm. We have done the Swim both times. Second time it was with a dorsal pull..this time we are going all out with the two dolphins. Can't wait. I know exactly how you feel. I love dolphins so much my wedding ring that my husband got me is two dolphins joined with diamond. IT IS DEFINITELY well worth it!

    I checked with Dolphin Cove as far as the best time and early in the week is good...we are going on a Monday. The video they took, was basically our whole time in the water with the dolphin. Misty was her name..we got her both times. They put it to music..ours was put to Three Little Birds. It was well worth the money to invest in getting the video. We also got a DVD of still pictures too. I watch it over and over still.

    You will have to let me know if you decide to go. You will not regret it!

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    We are going to CSS in May and want to do Dolphin Cove

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    Thanks Lisa, I know we are going to love it. We are definitely going-already paid for it lol. Was just wondering about some of the specifics.

    I forgot to mention that we are staying at CN. Are the times the same as CTI? I'm assuming the time it takes to get there is shorter, but im just curious how long we'll actually be gone from the resort that day.

    I got to feed a dolphin once at sea world. it was so intense!! i cant even imagine what it will be like to actually swim with them! ahhh so exciting!

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    Okay, so you must be going to Dolphin Cove Negril then...we are going to the one in Ocho Rios near CTI. Usually it is about the same length of time. I have never been to the one in Negril. We are attached to one of the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. We got to swim with Misty the day we got married and then again 5 years later and we are going to swim with her again this time. I am so excited. You will have to report back and let me know how the Negril one is. It is newer.

    I think if you go to your confirmation and you click on the "see details" of the Dolphin Cove excursion, it should tell you when the shuttle leaves and returns. That is how I found out what time they are going from CTI.

    Trust me, if you thought feeding a dolphin was intense, just wait till you get to dance and touch and feel their heartbeat...absolutely AMAZING!!!

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    That is so cool that you guys get to swim with the same dolphin again. i get so sentimental when it comes to any animal so i completely understand how exciting that is for you.

    i was definitely report back on all things CN! ahhhhh 91 days is so long!

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