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    Default CSA Reviews Lately :(

    I have been looking forward to our trip to CSA for some time now. The more I read up on the trip, the more worried I get. The past two months of reviews (on sites such as tripadvisor and expedia) have been negative, stating that the service is sub-par, rooms are in need of a "face-life," alcohol isn't top-notch (even watered down), and the food quality has declined as compared to years past.

    I realize that many times the people with negative reviews are the ones to post most often, but this trend has continued. Does anyone know what CSA is doing to improve these issues, if anything? I'd be appreciative of any feedback.

    Our reservations can be cancelled at any time with no extra cost to us. I really don't want to have to do that, but I would rather take my money and go somewhere else if the quality has truly declined so much. Please use this post to sway me back to being excited about our Jamaican adventure to CSA.

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    Read the review Feb 28 to March 9th. Enough said.

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    Read my post on CSA-Bad reviews on TripAdvisor. I just posted it..........might easy some of your worries.

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    First of all TA has become a place where people seem to go just to complain lately. Maybe they did not get the upgrade they wanted or the view they expected or maybe they did not do much research on the type of resort and they feel a need to lash out. Some are just self proclaimed critics who take the term way to literally and feel the only way to be interesting is to...well...criticize. Others can't let go of the stress from home and let the little things ruin their stay. Couples Resorts are beach resorts. Sounds simple enough but many don't get it. If you want marble, crystal, and polished brass everywhere you should maybe be in Cancun or on a cruise ship. This is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the great service, food, and staff. You will have as much fun as you let yourself have. We are on our way back for the seventh year in a row so something must be right about these wonderful resorts. Go, enjoy, it's Jamaica mon.

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