We're noobs going to CSS in May to celebrate our 10th anniversary! So excited- especially after reading your posts!

I have been lurking on the AN board and although I'm willing to try (after a couple of cocktails- ha ha!), there is no way my husband would. He's a stubborn guy! So unless I can "swap" with a shy woman for a while (no hanky panky- not into that! Prolly against the rules anyway), I'm guessing I'll be on the textile side. I'm okay with that. I know my hubby would do the same for me if the tables were turned.

For those of you who stay clothed, is couples still an awesome experience? I see so much chatter about being naked and a lot of chatter about "try it, you'll like it" but it seems like the clothed folks are a little quieter around here. Maybe it's just that the naked group is more outgoing.