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    Default What is your favorite Jamaican Food?

    We'll be at CN in October (our 2nd visit) and I want to experience as much of the Jamaican cuisine as possible this visit. My husband can't wait for the Curried Goat! What is your favorite Jamaican dish? Thanks in advance!

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    I never eat lamb at home. At Couples it is delicious. They know how to do it right.

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    Jerk Chicken is my favorite .... Not a Curried Goat fan.

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    Anything that starts with jerk!

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    Jamaican jerk everything. Beef , chicken, pork.

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    The jerk chicken is not as good as it used to be. The patties are still wonderful. Try'll like it.

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    all things jerk: pork, chicken, sausage, fish, steak

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    Jerk chicken and Red Stripe!

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    Ackee and Saltfish. Hands-down.

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    Patties, preferably beef, but the ackee patties at Pushcart are to die for! The curried goat at Cosmo's is super yummy too.

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    Ackee and Saltfish!!! YUMMMMM!!!!

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    smoked marlin panini at CTI veggie bar. 13 days and counting!

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    Callaloo!!! It's kinda like spinach. It's served at the breakfast buffet.

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    Saltfish and ackee with callaloo.

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    Ox tails.

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    Jerk Chicken! If you ever have an opportunity, go to Scotchies in either Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. Hands down, best jerk chicken I've ever had in my life! (No offense Couple's but Scotchies locations have real jerk pits) Also have a beef pattie. (No they're not burgers) Its the Jamaican version of a pasty. My mouth is watering in anticipation....25 days till we go home again!

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    Anything with marlin in it. It's amazing! I will also echo the other answers of jerk...and beef patties.

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    the ackee and saltfish at breakfast and the jerk chicken anytime!

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    I'm a huge fan of any and all of the soups I get in Jamaica! In particular Pumpkin Soup!

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    anything with red snapper too

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    I can't honestly pick just one. But if I had to list them, in no particular order - jerk chicken & pork, ackee & saltfish, bammy, festival, curried goat, Ting, and Overproof.
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    The pumpkin soup is well as the jerk chicken. But I have to say, Jamaicans make the best fried chicken I have ever had.....I don't know what they do to it or what they fry it in, but WOW!!! I am excited to try Chicken Lavish when we are there in November....I have heard it is the best fried chicken on the island.

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    Banana stuffed french toast and the snapper.

    Life is good

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    While the food at Couples is really quite good...if you can tear yourself away from you beach lounger, do venture off properteryand sample the local cuisine.

    1. Snapper Escovitch
    2. Brown Stew Chicken (really anything Brown Stew)
    3. Jerk Pork/Chicken
    4. Ox Tail
    5. Patties
    Not a huge goat fan

    CSA in 76 days, 10 hours, 11 minutes...

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    will be at CSS in 24 days. 22nd trip to Jamaica but first to CSS. Love the Jamaican meat patties, do they have them? Are they available at A/N grill?

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