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    Beef patties. Amazing.

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    Bammy is da bomb! plantains, beef patties, jerk.... all good

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    Palms always has a nice selection of Jamaican dishes at breakfast; ackee and saltfish, callaloo and usually an assortment of other vegies and fruits. I love mixing the vegies with scrambled eggs or potatoes. Breakfast is my favorite meal at Palms. Can't wait for June!

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    Snapper sandwich and anything with Jerk sauce...

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    We eat as much conch as can find when in Jamaica, with curried conch our favorite. We walk down to Cosmo's from CSA for our fix and head to Ivan's on the cliffs for delicious conch dishes.

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    The Yam Au Gratin is to die for!!!

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    I forgot, corn bread pudding is my wife's favorite desert!

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