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    Default first time to csa

    first time to csa March 28th. would like any tips, what to wear, what to do, etc. Is Club Mobay worth it?

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    We are beach people. So we spend a lot of time in the sun. Locals say to avoid the afternoon sun. But we spend our mornings playing racquetball or snorkeling. So, we end up on the beach in the afternoons. We pre-tan before our trip and apply a lot of sun screen early in the week. It only takes a few hours in the sun to get burnt and you donít want to do that the first day.

    Book the catamaran cruise early in the week along with the Feathers and Lemon Grass restaurants. We like to take out the hobycat sailboats, play sand volleyball in the mornings at 11:00, have the snapper at the grill and the sweet potato chips at Sea Grapes.

    Our most favorite thing to do is sit on the beach and watch the sun set while sipping champagne. But most of all have fun together and relax.

    Life is good

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    CSA is a lovely resort! I would suggest NOT to over pack. You will find yourselves wearing bathing suits throughout the day. Evening wear for ladies could be capri slacks, skirts or dresses. For the guys......dressy shorts or trousers. If you plan on dining at Feathers.....trousers, collared shirt & closed toe shoes for the men. I would recommend bringing workout clothes, if you enjoy going to the gym or running/walking on the grounds or beach. We work hard at not overpacking. You can mix and match your evening wear throughout the week!

    Have a great time! You will love CSA!

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    thanks, love the idea of watching sun set with champagne.

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