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    Default Cabana Grill at CSA

    I just saw a map for the first time and it looks like we are staying near the Cabana Grill. The menu there looks fairly limited, I'm wondering if its larger than they have posted.

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    When we were there several years ago, the menu wasn't large. They had beef and chicken patties, hamburgers, nachos, snapper sandwiches, and maybe a few other things. It's more like quick, simple, bar food really. But everything was absolutely delicious!

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    Not very large. It sits next to the sea. Mostly sandwiches, salads, dips, quick lunch stuff. Right behind it are Palms and Lemongrass both larger restaurants. If you are near the Cabana grill you are only steps from both of those.

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    First of all, the menus printed are samples of the full menues. Secondly, the Cabana Grill is the "pool grill" and offers basic foods during the day and evening. It is not a main restaurant but a quick place to grab some comfort food. Next to it is Patois Restaurant for full service meals and also Feathers which is the fanciest dinner restaurant on the resort. On the other end of the resort is the Palms for buffet breaskfast, lunch, and dinners as well as the fancier Lemongrass restaurant upstairs. For a quick lunch or mid day treat try Sea Grapes Cafe near the Palms for fresh fish tacos, chips & dip, and healthy fruit smoothies. If you can't find food you like then you are just not trying. Enjoy.

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    Are you staying in the Greathouse? If so, Patois Patio and Feathers are in the Greathouse. The Cabana Grill does have a limited menu because it focuses on fast food - it is a beach grill and perfect for getting lunch without having to change out of your swimsuit. Nothing is all that far at CSA. If you don't like any of those options, walk 5 minutes down the beach to Sea Grapes or The Palms for lunch.

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    The menu at the cabana grill is limited but its more of grill type food for a quick bite to eat when you don't want to go sit in one of the restaurants.

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    The Cabana Grill is just a snacky place that's open late. Jerk chicken, fish sandwich, fries, patties... Patois is also down at that end of the resort and they have more items on the menu.

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    The onion rings at the Cabana Grill are AWESOME!!

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    sorry wrong side of resort

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    The snapper sandwich is the best!

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