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    Good to see this. We just got back from CSS. Didn't have any real issues with people drinking too much, getting rowdy or any of the other issues you listed. But I did see some discrete tipping at the bars. It was the same guest the 3 times I saw it for 2 different bartenders. It was the "hand shake with money in the palm exchange". And they accepted it. I didn't do it as I've heard that they could lose their jobs because of it. Kinda made me sad. My hubby asked me about it as he saw it too.
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    Default I agree

    Quote Originally Posted by tt2505 View Post
    Where is this 'CODE OF CONDUCT' going to be displayed??

    The majority of guests staying at Couples resorts do not read the message boards - this needs to be displayed at each resort & management to enforce it.
    I would also like to see the dress code displayed and enforced on property. This issue has been addressed over and over on the message board, and unless guests read the message board or the Couples website regarding the dress code, who knows how they know what's appropriate and what isn't? Breakfast and lunch at Pallazina with men wearing hats and tank tops is a real winner, as are the same men wearing shorts and flip flops at the gala. Funny how a lot of their spouses/girlfriends wear really nice outfits. Go figure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leonkelly View Post
    It is a beach resort
    It's a Couple's resort; by name and mission statement. Enjoy yourselves, but be courteous of others who do not share your penchant for hollerin'. :-p

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    23 trips to sa-every year since it opened! more guests-more diversity! it's all part off the jamacian experience 'out of many one"
    more thaan anything what should be posted is the island motto "respect" no need for a shopping list of rules.

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    Default Amen to this!!

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Greetings to all:

    Regarding your expected behavior while vacationing at our resorts:


    Couples Resorts positions itself as a very romantic destination where couples can reignite the spark that first brought you together. Our registered “tagline” is Tranquil Days. Intimate Nights. Romantic Always.® To ensure that management and staff is able to provide you with the romantic experience you expect from Couples Resorts, we ask all guests to follow a few simple conduct guidelines.

    Respect, Mon! Maturity, Mon. Relax, Mon. Love, Mon.

    o No Tipping to any staff member on property. The only exception is a voluntary gratuity for services rendered in the Spa.
    o Please respect your fellow guests by refraining from using foul or obscene language
    o There is no reason to shout
    o No rough play or fighting
    o No glass containers in or around any pool or Jacuzzi
    o Loud music – whether on the beach, near a pool or in your room – is prohibited
    o No smoking in any restaurant, except where officially designated as a smoking area.
    o No inappropriate gestures (mooning, flashing, etc)
    o No nudity outside designated areas
    o Ganja, Marijuana, Pot, Weed: Not matter what you call it... Do not smoke it or take any other illegal drugs while on property
    o And, what seems to be the root of most of the problems, moderate your alcohol content please. We know it is included, but it should not be viewed as a contest to see who can drink the most...

    Please note that management reserves the right to remove from the resort any guest who is unwilling or unable to accept the above guidelines. In such case, there will be no refund or compensation of any nature.

    We certainly want everyone to enjoy your stay with us. We do not feel the above guidelines are unreasonable nor will abiding by them cause your vacation to be less enjoyable. Your cooperation is both anticipated and appreciated.

    Pass this along...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Honestly, I think any problems dealing with conduct are so few and far between that this topic is getting WAY too much attention. It is my personal opionion that for every each nitwit who behaves poorly, there are an equal number of people so thin skinned that they are looking for something to get upset about. Granted - getting upset about the rude nitwit is not unreasonable, but try not to let it ruin your day. It is vacation. Don't worry, be happy.
    Excellent post! If Couples were to implement and enforce all the rules suggest in this thread, no one would EVER go back. The resorts have a fine line to walk. With all the repeaters I think they are getting it right more than wrong, for sure!

    My wife and I will be returning to CN this December for the 5th year in a row. Do we drink more than normal while there? Yes, we do. Do we get loud and out of control? No, I don't think so. I have witnessed loud, drunken people, but usually just chuckle and tell my wife to take me to the room if I get to that point

    It's Jamaica - No worries

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    You know what? I'm leaving tomorrow morning to going CTI! We're going to have the time of of our life (5 trips) . We've seen it all. No Worries!

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    Have fun!! To each their own....ALWAYS respect one another!! Your vacation and you paid for it just make sure you dont ruin someones vacation doing it....... That being said, its a beach resort with a few bars and a nude section. Shots and cheers, exciting friendly games of volleyball and island music goes with it.

    I deal with politics all day and come to the island to get away from it... report the few but put your energy into having the time of your life and making some great new friends

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    There are party resorts that are geared to wild times and loud boisterous fun but Couples is not one of them. Sure, you can have "the time of your life" here while still being respectful of others. The occasional outburst is to be expected (not late at night!) and we all know there is drinking. That is where my wife reminds me that my voice is getting a bit loud (no one is perfect). I do try to remember that everyone there, not just me, saved up their money and waited all year for their one big vacation. I do not want to be the guy they remember as ruining a good time. I like to live by my Mother's words..."your rights extend to the point that they infringe on someone else's" and then all things are irie. Respect.

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    Couples Resorts are amongst the most calm and peaceful resorts you can visit in this price range. I have been to other resorts and even the rowdiest of Couples crowds pale in comparison to some of those places.

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    I absolutely agree. There is no argument if you have been made aware of the rules and regulations and your signature is on the form.

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    Although I do agree with you to a point I will say that not everyone who goes to Couples wants complete silence. Some of us enjoy letting loose and romance means different things to different people. My husband and I live such structured lives that we enjoy being silly and having fun when we're not at home. That doesn't mean being rude or disrespectful but our fun is not everyone's fun. Our last visit to Tower Isle was awesome for the first few days especially. Everyone we met were wonderful and we made a lot of great friends even some that we are returning with next year. Unfortunately the mid week group who came in were unbelievable. Nothing was good enough, the drinks weren't strong enough, the food wasn't prepared well and everyone was beneath them like they were slumming. It was horrible any time we saw them down by the bar. I was so glad that group came at the end of our vacation and not at the beginning. We are professional 40's to 50's couples and these individuals were within our age group. So as important as you find it to reiterate the code of conduct maybe you also need to remind people that it's a vacation that people pay a lot of money to enjoy. If you can't handle the fact that other people may have a different perception on what romance and fun is all about then maybe you need to stay home or find more secluded vacation spot. We never saw any inappropriate behavior in the pools or hot tubs and even on the island it was very relaxed. Everybody but that one busload who came on the Wednesday were amazing. I would probably not return if I saw people having sex(although we were told it occasionally happens)in the pool or hot tub because that's just down right nasty but as far as people having fun with out being obnoxious, I'm all for it. We'll be in Sans Souci in December then back at Tower Isle next year. I hope it's as wonderful in both places as it has been in the past.

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    What about "saving" chairs on the beach and pool? I think that's rude seeing a towel sit on a chair for a few hours before someone decides they're ready to come down for their "reserved" spot.

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    What ever happened to common courtesy & manners. You can have people sign off on codes of conduct every time, but it won't mean anything if they don't have common courtesy & manners to begin with. It's all left to interpretation.

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    Everyone is absolutely right! No one is saying you can't drink all day and night, you paid for it, you have the right.. that said..not everyone handles alcohol the same way, being a bartender for over 10 years, I've seen it all. I've seen way too many "Jekyll and Hydes" in my time and that is the problem. Of course, have a great time and yes, some peoples "great time" may not be others but that doesn't mean that they are in the right and the other couple should find a more "secluded" vacation spot to avoid this kind of "fun", it doesn't matter where you go, there will always be issues like this. I'm sure that there are things that other people do YOU may find annoying to YOU, so is it fair that YOU should go somewhere else? NO. Plain and simple, it's just courtesy, meet half way, tone it down so that both parties can enjoy themselves. Remember, I paid the same price you did to be at the resort, I'm not expecting you to not drink and be silent but if you're loud and obnoxious and people around you are leaving and staring at you, then maybe you're at the wrong resort for this kind of "fun", perhaps try a Hedonism resort or wait til Spring Break

    In the end, we are all here to have a great time and respect each others space. My wife and I party a lot but we've also learned over the years how we party will depend on where we are at and the kind of people around us, it's amazing by doing this, how much more friends you make and how much more fun you can have, we love meeting new people, in our opinion that's part of the vacation, meeting people from all over the world. I prefer that then getting "the look" from other resorters the next morning or when I go into the pool or bar and people leave immediately. What is the fun in that, it's like that class bully at school that everyone avoids.

    Our last trip to CSA was amazing, we did not meet one person that wasn't respectful and kind (honestly we were quite set back and amazed, this is the reason why we are coming back for the second time, knock on wood, we hope to have the same luck). There's nothing wrong with having a great time, but we all know that having a great time mixed with a lot of alcohol and/or drugs will likely turn into a disaster, just remember that when you're screaming at the top of your lungs and drinking to the point of no return, look around you, if you've just turned into the "Class Idiot" then you need to stop having "that" much fun. I know I won't hesitate to report anyone that's obnoxious, I "ALSO" paid a lot to be here, you don't get to ruin my vacation

    I wish you all a great vacation and keep the Couples tradition of being the diamond in the rough resort!

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    Rhunter72, we have been to CSS 10 times (and CTI once) and have never encountered the kind of behavior spoken of in some of these posts. We have stayed in rooms in each block of the resort. We've spent time at the main beach and the A/N beach. We've eaten in all the restaurants, drank at all the bars and enjoyed all of the entertainment. I think we are very well-rounded Couples guests, so it's not that we didn't expose ourselves to the possibility of encountering outrageous behavior. We did see some groups who were a little louder than others, but not extremely so. You didn't say which resort you are visiting, but this is our experience at CSS (and CTI). Don't worry. Go, relax and enjoy your dream vacation.

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    Loud music issue. Last time at CSA stayed at Great House Jac Ste. 3rd time. First 2 times no problem. This time speakers at pool bar were blaring really loud music as early as 8 am enough to wake you up even with windows closed and earplugs in.
    Had to call and go to front desk most every date and problem not resolved.

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    Can I add one more bullet point? Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the containers provided.

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    [QUOTE=zaraforty;211307]Loud music issue.

    Last night there was a wedding/reception out on the island at CTI and the music was so loud, it actually drowned out the music from the Patio stage if you were on the beach! Ridiculously loud. Did they actually aim the speakers towards the resort instead of out to sea? Poor folks who had the private beach dinner had to listen to it, and you couldn't enjoy your balcony...the music went on until 10 pm (and some of the lyrics were questionable at best.)

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    Sue - good point. Lots of cigarette butts on the CN beach this week (grounds crew does a great job, but it is hard to keep up with those who have no respect).

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    I just returned from CSA and was out on the beach during an early afternoon wedding there. The couple getting married had extra flowers for the ceremony and several guests as well as both a photographer and videographer. We were about 25-30 feet away and on the other side of us were 5-6 women maybe upper 20s or lower 30s. They quickly pointed out LOUDLY how pretty they thought the bride was then proceeded to laugh, scream, joke, and shout back and forth through the whole wedding. It is a shame the couple will have that as the background soundtrack of their wedding video for the rest of their married lives rather than the touching words of the minister they were trying to capture. Just 15-20 minutes of quiet out of respect to the bride and groom. Not stop talking or drinking...just lower the volume. The fact they started by noticing the wedding and THEN got really loud shows why these threads and rules begin. Very low class and rude and not teenagers but adults who should know better. Common courtesy is not all that common any more. It is a shame but Couples may have to post someone at all wedding to watch out for this and ask people to be respectful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tt2505 View Post
    Where is this 'CODE OF CONDUCT' going to be displayed??

    The majority of guests staying at Couples resorts do not read the message boards - this needs to be displayed at each resort & management to enforce it.
    Exactly. Last year (our 4th visit to CSA) we had a very bad experience, with loud neighbours who kept us awake many nights (during our first three visits, we didn't have any problems with noise). Couples management gave us two free nights on our next stay (much appreciated) and promised to make their code of conduct known to their guests. But they didn't.

    This year, the last week of february (the 3th week of our stay) a group of 10 Americans took over our favourite stretch of beach. Hey, we don't have a problem with people having fun and making some noise occasionally. But these people behaved like teenagers on springbrake (although such a generalization is unfair to teenagers, because most of them aren't nearly as annoying as these wannabee teenagers, who in reality were in their late 30's or 40's). Each day, these people were completely wasted around noon and their incessant yelling (woohoo... yeeeeuww... woohoo... yeeeeuww), screaming at the top of their lungs, swearing and other drunk behavior (like pulling each others pants down), completely ruined the atmosphere on the beach. Of course we moved to another spot on the beach the first day they were there, but they were so loud that it was hard to escape them. Wherever they were at the resort.

    Although it was obvious that many people on the beach took offence, Couples staff did nothing at all to make those asocials aware of that. The only staffmembers I've seen interacting with them at the beach were bartenders and entertainment staff. And it seemed like they found the behavior I described above pretty funny. Code of conduct? Don't make me laugh. A couple of guests we spoke to had witnessed these drunks take drinks and food into the pool (and spilling chicken into it). They were also surprised that nobody did something about that.

    Sorry for sounding bitter about this. We love almost everything about CSA. And I realize that these are difficult times and that their (the obnoxious guests) money is as good as ours. But as Couples chooses to promote itself as being a romantic, tranquil place for couples, I expect them to at least try to live up to it.

    So, Randymon, it's great to read that Couples' staff is aware of the fact that some people don't behave and that you want to do something about it. But just posting some guidelines in a forum that only a very small minority reads, won't help much...

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    RichN - wouldn't "a group of 10" suffice? By attempting to identify country of origin you tread a very ugly line...arguably, uglier than the behavior you abhor. (Perhaps it is time to put this thread to rest)

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    That's unfortunate RichN, I hope we won't run into these issues when we are there in July but we found the crowd to be a bit different in July, maybe because most aren't vacationing at a tropical resort during the summer. But you never know, it just takes that one group to spoil it for the rest of us. Good thing CSA has a big beach and I won't hesitate to go over and tell those idiots to shut the H#$% up, just the kind of guy I am I deal with enough stupidness at work, last thing I want is to deal with that on my vacation.

    My question is, all this said, will Couples staff enforce this code of conduct, it's one thing to put it down on paper and another to actually enforce it. If this happens to us and we make a complaint and nothing is done, it will be hard-press for us to return to this great resort. I understand the side of the resort for warning their guests because they also paid to have a good time, but if they are annoying several guests then the majority should be the priority. Remember this, you may lose a handful for wild obnoxious partiers by this code of conduct but you will gain many more couples that are there for the "romantic" vacation that Couples is known for. In my experience, bad reviews travels at light-speeds compared to good reviews. A few bad reviews from repeaters will inevitably sink Couples, the main reason we chose Couples is because of the percentage of repeaters.

    Randymon, don't be afraid to lose the obnoxious partiers, that's why Hedonism resorts were invented. You will gain SO much by holding the Code of Conduct promise!

    My 2 cents worth!

    Happy and Romantic Vacationing to you all!


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    Luckily we've never seen anyone make an a$$ of themselves while at CSS. In fact, everyone has been extremely nice. We've met some nice people from around the world and had some nice conversations.
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