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    Default CSS beachfront 1 bedroom suite

    Just curious, whats the layout like in these rooms? How large is the balcony (2 chairs? 2 chairs &table? Etc.) Thanks! 90 days to go!

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    Hi, Although we haven't stayed in a beachfront suite, we passed by them everyday on our way to SSB! The balcony has 2 chairs and a table. The balconies aren't large, but you can't beat the location! Blocks A & B, where the beachfront suites are located, are located at the "heart" of the beach level of the resort. You will be close to Palazzina, the Main Pool, Beach Bar, Beach Grill/Bella Visat, Main Lawn,Water Sports Hut and the Main Beach! Have a great trip! We will be home for trip #7 in 122 days!

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    Take a look at the room categories, each has a revolving picture. It is two actual two rooms, bedroom and sitting room, (with love seat, chair, coffee table and two end tables), small patio (yes, 2 chairs and table) or balcony, good size bath, where the jacuzzi is located. We've always stay in these rooms and have learned that we love the bottom floor for ease of access from the pool or beach.

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    that is where we stayed on our honeymoon - I loved the room. I believe the (small) balcony had a table and two chairs. The living room area had a couch. Not sure on other furnishings? I loved the bathroom! The shower and jacuzzi tub were awesome!

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    Front Hall


    Living Area

    Bathroom and Jacuzzi

    The bathroom also has a large walk in shower.

    The balcony/patio is small: 2 chairs and a small table.

    Nice room with a great location!!!
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    i cant tell from website but do the Beachfront suites have a tv in the bedroom?

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    I cant tell from the pictures, does the bedroom have a tv?

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    TV has usually been on portable cart that you can just pull from one room (Sitting Area) to another (Bedroom). Cheers!

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    Thanks so much everyone!!! So excited! This will be our 5th anniversary trip! And first trip away from the baby.. :/ hows the wifi? Can we skype?

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    We stayed in A building and when we sat on the balcony and even walked down by the beach on Skype and had no problems and our children loved it!!!! This year we hope the grandbaby gets to see the "big water", last year he was to small to understand the concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T00thpix View Post
    I cant tell from the pictures, does the bedroom have a tv?
    We always request the ground floor of the beachfront suites. The TV is on the wall mounted on a swivel. You can watch it in the living room area or swivel it to be seen from the bedroom.

    These rooms are perfectly located to access the beach. Pop in and out of your room all day from the sliding glass doors but remember to take your key! If the maid comes in to clean they always check the sliding glass doors and lock them. I made this mistake once. That's all it takes to always remember to take your key!
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