We just got back from our first trip to CSA and Jamaica. We had a great time. On the Saturday night that we were there we went to hear Ultimate Chocolate. We were the first ones there, so we got a drink and took a seat a bit in the back. My husband saw the song books and wondered what this was all about. I tried to explain what it was all about, and said, just give it a try. That night walking back to our room, we talked about how much we enjoyed Ultimate Chocolate with Voice of the Future. There were also a couple of guest singers that were workers at the resort. We went 2 more nights. Every night is like a different show, because you never know who will show up! My husband had his I phone and recorded Ultimate playing Three Little Birdies. I don't know how many people he has shown that since we have been home. We talked to one couple and she said, it's kind of corny, but fun. True!

Just wondering, how long has Ultimate Chocolate been at CSA? Do any of the other Couples have anyone like Ultimate? How long has Voice of the Future been there? Does Ultimate have any CD's out?

Wondering if CSA has thought of using that area to have special music in there from like 6:30-8:30. Seems people are looking for something to do during that time while maybe waiting for dinner or after dinner. There is already a bar there, which is a good start.