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    Default virgin to csa or any where for that matter

    can you go swimming at night on the resort? if yes where

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    You can swim anywhere you want. Have fun!

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    Where ever you want.

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    You can go swimming anywhere on the resort at night (ocean, pools, jacuzzis). The only exception to this would be if the pool/jacuzzi is being cleaned or chemically treated.

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    Whilst you may be able to I would not recommend swimming at night in the ocean as if you get into difficulty you are far less likely to be seen or heard.

    Also, and this only applies to the tropics and is HIGHLY unlikely, there are a number of species that are active at night that have the potential to cause injury, most obvious of these are sharks but the most likely to be encountered would be rays (easy to step on) and possibly Lionfish* which are slow moving and may therefore be blundered into in the dark.

    *Lionfish are a non-native invasive species in the Carribean but appear to be thriving since their escape from a Florida aquarium during Hurricane Katrina(?) I photographed this group of Lionfish asleep during the day in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba earlier this year. They will avoid humans and you'd have to be very unlucky or very silly to get stung but murphy's law..?

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