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    Default How much rum cream can we bring back

    We are going to be at couples Negril in 2 weeks ..YAY..i love the rum cream and have been wondering how much we can bring back to the states. I have tried looking it up and get different answers..some say you can bring as much as you want as the alchol content is low..Has anyone brought more than the 2 bottles back??? thanks so much....

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    I think it is true, you can bring back as much as you want. I've packed 4, two as a carry-on (direct flight), two in the luggage.

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    Last year at the duty free shop in the airport I was told that rum cream does not count toward the limit on alcohol you can bring back because of the low alcohol. Of course you do have limits as to the size and weight of carry ons by the airline you are flying. We brought back a couple bottles of rum cream and a couple bottles of Appleton rum. Just ask the duty free shopkeeper who waits on you to package whatever you can carry on. Remember though, if you have a connecting flight they will not let you carry the liquids back onto the second plane. This is for direct flights only.

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    We brought back 6 and had no problem. The only problem for me was it wasn't enough!

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    We've brought back 4 large bottles - hubby carried on 2 and I carried on 2. But the limit is on the amount (250ml, 500ml, etc) and the type of alcohol (alcohol vs liqueurs), not the number of bottles. I believe you get 1 liter before having to pay tax on it.
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    yes you can bring as much as you want due to the low alc %, the 3 bottles I was allowed per person is for stronger alc above 20% I think it was

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    We got busted in Atlanta for 8 bottles at the first check point. We had to wait with the undesirables for a second check. The second checker asked why we were singled out. I explained I did not know what proof the rum cream was. She apoligized and said it was no problem and we were on our way.

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    Thanks for all the answers..I think I may have to take an extra case just for that..I love the stuff...

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    When we are on our way down I'm going to ask the flight attendent how much liquor we are allowed to bring back . We are flying from and to Canada on direct flights .

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    Quote Originally Posted by erdmann5 View Post
    Thanks for all the answers..I think I may have to take an extra case just for that..I love the stuff...
    Last trip to CSS, we took an extra suitcase just for the rum cream...

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