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    Hi everyone! I am going to be at CN from 4/12-4/22, and of course I've been reading the reviews like crazy. I saw a recent review on TA where someone who just returned said the water was "unswimable" for 2-3 days because of a huge windstorm that caused a ton of seaweed to come up to shore. Is this something that happens frequently? Obviously I know Couples can't do anything about it, but I just want to know if this is something I should expect and prepare for. I would just be so disappointed, I'm a total beach person. Thanks!

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    No - it doesn't happen very often & normally the water is so clear & calm that you can see your feet clear out as far as the swim area goes. The only time we've even seen seaweed at CN in 6 visits (#7 booked), was this past Christmas time when there was a major cold front off shore that cause some BIG waves for a day & 1/2 that washed up lots of seaweed & starfish. The staff had it cleaned up as quickly as possible & other than having to walk through a small strip of seaweed right at the edge of the water for a day, the rest of the swim area was clear again. Don't worry & get ready to see a BEAUTIFUL white beach with GORGEOUS clear blue tranquil water because that's what chances are it'll be.

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