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    Default CSS underwater camera Scuba question...

    I am planning on taking the intro to Scuba at CSS and I am curious to know how deep we will be diving when we are out in the ocean?
    My camera (fuji XP50)is rated to 5m which is only around 15 feet...if we are going deeper than that then sadly I wont be taking it with me on the dive.
    Just looking for some pre-dive info!!

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    Hi Rob,

    Last year after 13 years visiting Couples' resorts I finally decided to take the intro course for scuba. One of the best expeiences of my life. Although I stayed at CTI, I would imagine all training and dives are the same. To answer your question about depth; 33 feet for 34 minutes. I needed another fix. So that night was the night of the beach party. It rained from late afternoon through the night. No party on the beach. So I studied that evening and took my open water dive the next morning. We went to the shipwreck Katherine. Depth 50 feet. I passed and now I'm addicted. Just to let you I purchased an Intova underwater camera rated for 200 feet. Will be trying it out in 2 weeks from now CTI.
    Hope this helps,

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    Dive is definately deeper then 15 feet. probably closer to 50.

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    Most 'resort course' dives are limited to about 30 feet. As for photography, the Fuji is unlikely to work as you'd like - for a variety of reasons. Besides the depth issue, everything will appear blue - the yellows and reds are filtered out by the seawater. Suggestion: relax and enjoy the diving experience - then buy someone else's pictures from the gift shop.

    The absolute beauty of the underwater world is difficult to describe to those who've never seen it. Best description is that it's like another planet altogether. And the knees and back don't hurt because you're non-weightbearing.


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    Thank you for the great information!! I am very excited to try it!

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    The dive will be deeper than 15 feet...probably somewhere around 30 especially if they take you to Katherine's wreck (which is a good thing)

    Also, unless you're really a natural, you're going to have alot going on on your first dive and really won't want to have to deal with a camera hanging from your wrist. And unless you recalibrate your camera at depth or have a very strong light, you will end up with very grey-green pictures. Save the camera work for when you get scuba certified.

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    I just got back from CSS on the 16th, and took the resort intro course. I had brought my camcorder and a dicapac waterproof case with specifically for snorkeling and scuba diving. I asked Phillip about taking it with, and he said they do not allow cameras on your first dive, because you need to be concentrating on everything else. I was a little disappointed, but still did the course and went out on the boat. Unfortunately, my ears wouldn't equalize, so I wasn't able to complete the dive. I DID however see a Barracuda (VERY COOL!!) while waiting for my ears to equalize. One of the other divers did take one of those GoPro mountable cams with them. I think he was already PADI certified, so Phillip said it was ok.

    PS. My wife and I saw the same barracuda on a later snorkel trip. it was over at Dickie's Reef (spelling?)

    Roughly 365 more days until Scuba Take Two!

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    Oh, and PPS. that particular dive, Phillip said would start at 25 feet, and work our way down to about 40 feet.

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    I was certified the first time at CN. At that time I just used a disposable. Pictures were okay. I purchased a Go-Pro Hero 2 for my trip in June. Will do both stills and video. Can't wait to try it out. The dives are at least 30 ft.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    We use a go pro hero 2 w/ dive housing and red filter. You can carry it or get the head mount. HOWEVER I agree with previous poster who suggested getting certified prior to worrying about the camera.

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    I am very excited and was just curious! I will save the cam for snorkeling and focus on the experience!
    Thank you for all the great input!

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    Another GoPro user, though I'm just a snorkeler. Slap on the headband or wrist mount, press the button, and go for a swim/dive.

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