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    Default Woo Hoo!!!! CSS and SSB here we come!!!

    150 days and counting!! I decided to go ahead and pay the balance on our trip today! Just couldn't stand waiting any longer - even though it's 5 months away! Oh well, it'll be here fast! (I hope!) CSS and SSB here we come!!!

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    it wasnt that long ago when our count broke the 100 day countdown and now its already down to 43! next thing you knwo you'll be packing the suitcase!!

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    I know the feeling....we started our countdown at 500 plus days. We are now only 30 days away from CSS!!! Can't wait!

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    michaelg! I totally understand your early payment! Once the final bill is paid, you know your trip is REAL and all that is left is the countdown and then you will be heading HOME! You have inspired me, so I think I will take the plunge and make our final payment next week!:-) Once you go you know!

    One Love!

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