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    Default Our wedding pics @ CN (6/18/09)

    Hi guys...I did a review of out wedding @ CN back in July and have finally got a chance to get the link to our pictures posted. Stacey Clarke did our pictures and it was truly one of the best days of my life.

    Here is the link to our pictures.
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    I love your flowers. Were they an upgrade?

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    Kristen...yes my bouquet was an upgrade. I paid an extra $30 for it and it was definitely worth it. Thanks for the complement.

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    Sandra where did you get your wedding dress from?

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    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them.

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    Kellyc...I got my wedding dress from David's Bridal on line. I only paid #300.00 for it not including S & H. It was perfect for me because I wanted something that flowed without being too over the top since it was an island wedding.

    @ Kristi thanks for the compliment. It was a very hot day and after about an hour of pictures I was beginning to melt but it was such a wonderful day and I'm sooooo glad we got marred at couples.

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    I LOVE your blue and aqua details!! Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Congrats. Had to giggle when you mentioned how hot it was. We went through the same thing (late August for us) and I literally almost passed out after over two hours of photos. But I agree, so worth it!!

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    Thanks Beachchic...people that have seen our pictures ask if we took our minister with us from home because his shirt coordinates with our color scheme. Of course, we only met him when he performed our ceremony...God definitely smiled on every aspect of our special day and like everyone says thats had their wedding at couples...there is really no need to worry.

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    Mssandy your wedding and pics turned out great. Did the salon at CN do your hair and makeup? Also what month and time did you get married? I'm getting married in May at CSA and know it's going to be very hot. That's why I choose the 10am ceremony.

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    Thanks mstravelbug...we were really pleased with the pictures...stacey did a fantastic job. I ended up doing my own hair and makeup trying to cut cost since we kinda splurged on our wedding pictures. I've heard that the salon at couples does a great job though. If you decide to diy there is a produce that some of the ladies have talked about on the mb called jeanie in a bottle or something like that...anyway it's supposed to keep your makeup from smearing in the heat. I would look into finding some of that...I wish I had been able to find some for myself.

    We were married 6/18/09 @ 11:00 a.m. and yes even early it's still a bit warm. We took pictures for over 2 hours and into that second hour it really started to heat up. But even with the heat it was a wonderful day and you will absolutely love couples!

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