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    Default Honeymoon room options at CSA: Atrium Suite or Beachfront Veranda ???

    So initially I thought that choosing which resort would be the hardest decision, however now I have been torn between Atrium suite or Beachfront Veranda...... Have been looking at the two online for weeks now and cannot make up my mine. Of course I want this trip to be extra special since you only get one Honeymoon! But here is my dilemma, technically we shouldn't be going on one in the first place for money reasons but like I said you only get one and I would regret noy having one. Loved CSS last May where we got engaged, we stayed for 7 days which wasn't quite enough for us we could of used at lease one or two more days. I guess what I am asking is which room do you prefer?

    We love the fact that the beachfront veranda is right on the water and sadly we also love that it has a T.V. and I know we are on or Honeymoon no T.V. should be no worries Mon but in CSS we watched it every night especially because I fell asleep way before him.
    We also love the atrium rooms because of the hammock and of course the lower price.

    I would love some pictures of each room and your opinions of why you like one over the other. I want to get this booked so I can stop going crazy!

    My email is if anyone would rather email photos instead of post them on here.

    Thank you to everyone who posts I don't know what I would do without this message board

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    If you really enjoy having a TV, the the BFVS is the way to go. And don't worry about enjoying TV during your vacation - some of our funniest memories are of getting ready for dinner and watching a "High School Quiz" type of show with elementary school kids. They were SOOOO darned cute, and we learned a little bit about Jamaican history, etc. (although that info seemed to only have made it into our short term memories)....

    We typically book either the Atrium or BFS with no TV and just bring a laptop with some movies. We each bring headphones and if we encounter a rainy afternoon or just need to get out of the sun, we'll go back to the room and watch a movie without having to worry about the noise bothering any other guests.

    And if you're curious about how these different room types look, I don't have pics, but other than the TV, I believe another differentiating factor is the bathroom....the bathrooms in the Atrium and BFS categories have a large shower, but no bathtub. The BFVS has a bathtub/shower combo. And of course the Atrium has those awesome hammocks plus a rocking chair.

    If you want pics, just check out TripAdvisor. There are plenty of Couples generated as well as traveler generated photos on that site.

    Good luck with your choice and enjoy your vacation!!!!

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    Congratulations on your wedding and honeymoon!

    Our first trip to CSA was for our honeymoon and we booked a Beachfront Veranda. We loved it! We've been back to CSA almost every year since our honeymoon. The first time we went back, we switched to an Atrium room. We wanted to save money and read a lot of great things about the Atriums on this board. I was very nervous about making the switch (thinking we were "downgrading" and would be disappointed). We love the Atriums even more than the Beachfront Veranda and haven't considered booking anything else. As a matter of fact, I sometimes worry that the Atriums will be full and they'll try to upgrade us to another category.

    That being said, it is a matter of preference. We prefer the Atriums because:

    1. The buildings are smaller and your room doesn't share walls with another room. There are only four rooms (two on each floor) and an open atrium separates the rooms on each floor.

    2. We ask for a second floor room and feel like we're in our own private treehouse.

    3. They are still very close to the beach (some even have ocean views), but without all the foot traffic in front of the room.

    4. The hammock on the balcony is amazing.

    My husband does miss the TV, but we watch movies on our ipad.

    I think the main differences are that the Beachfront Verandas are right on the beach, have more storage space, have glass windows, and have TVs. If those things are important to you, you may prefer a Beachfront Veranda. If I remember correctly, the interior of the rooms (beds, linens, etc.) are identical.

    Whatever you decide, I do not think you'll be disappointed. I hope this helps!

    Also, as a side note, when we booked the Beachfront Veranda, we had images of walking right out the porch onto the beach. When we got there, the key card only worked for the door on the back side of the room (not the beach side). So, we still had to walk out the back of the room and around the building to get to the beach. This wasn't a huge inconvenience, but it is one of the reasons I don't mind being a few extra steps from the beach in the Atriums. I have also heard that you can get a regular key (not a key card) for the porch door from the front desk. Someone else might be able to give you more details on this.

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    Happy to share pics of the BFVS suite -

    Also, make sure to check out the 360 degree views from inside the rooms that are on the website. Here's the link: Couples Swept Away Map & Resort Panoramas | Beachfront Caribbean Suites

    Main differences:
    Atrium have no TV but are larger inside and have larger balconies. They also have screens on the windows with wooden slats (and AC). BFVS have TVs, but also have glass on the windows behind the wooden slats, so they are quieter.

    They are also located on different sides of the property. Happy to share the map as well.

    Good luck!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    We stayed in a beachfront suite (same room set up as atrium but different location). Having been, I would select an atrium suite if we returned. Here is why:

    1. Our beachfront suite as well as the beachfront veranda suites were right on the beach path. In our view, the BFVS was even closer (a few feet) from the path. When we walked by we felt like privacy would be an issue for these guests unless they were on the 3rd floor and even then, they were less private than an atrium.

    2. We loved having screens and louvres. I thought we would run our AC at night and close all the louvres to keep cool. I was wrong. Our room was very cool with louvres open, screens and ceiling fan running. In the afternoon, it was sometimes warm but not at night. We really enjoyed listening to the water and the tree frogs! Awesome! We also thought the louvres and not sharing walls was a romantic, unique island vibe. I didn't like the look of the middle rooms on the BFVS with limited louvres and windows.

    3. We loved our oversize walk in shower.

    4. We think the atriums offer a really good value for the $$$.

    All this said, if TV is important, it has to be a BFVS or other "veranda" suite. Also if you are looking for a stellar view. It would need to be a BFVS and it would also need to be 3rd floor in our opinion. That sounds good in theory but we haven't had good luck in getting room requests honored especially when traveling at busy times.

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    In the past, we have stayed in the Ocean View Verandah rooms which are like the Beach Front rooms just set a little further from the beach. Last year we decided to mix it up a bit and we decided to choose a different room type. The decision was between the Beach Front Verandah and the Atrium Suites. We ended up picking the Atrium Suite even though we were worried about the noise coming through the louvers. We believe that we made the perfect selection. We thought the Atrium Suite was larger (or felt larger) than the Verandah rooms. The rooms really do make you feel like you are there all alone when you want to be. We also brought our laptop to watch movies while we were getting ready for dinner and did not miss Television at all. I loved the larger bathroom/shower and I felt there was more storage for our luggage and our clothes. We are staying in the Atrium Suite again this December and have persuaded a couple of newbies to do the same...with no worries about them liking the accommodations. Keep in mind that you cannot make a bad decision in this matter!!

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