So initially I thought that choosing which resort would be the hardest decision, however now I have been torn between Atrium suite or Beachfront Veranda...... Have been looking at the two online for weeks now and cannot make up my mine. Of course I want this trip to be extra special since you only get one Honeymoon! But here is my dilemma, technically we shouldn't be going on one in the first place for money reasons but like I said you only get one and I would regret noy having one. Loved CSS last May where we got engaged, we stayed for 7 days which wasn't quite enough for us we could of used at lease one or two more days. I guess what I am asking is which room do you prefer?

We love the fact that the beachfront veranda is right on the water and sadly we also love that it has a T.V. and I know we are on or Honeymoon no T.V. should be no worries Mon but in CSS we watched it every night especially because I fell asleep way before him.
We also love the atrium rooms because of the hammock and of course the lower price.

I would love some pictures of each room and your opinions of why you like one over the other. I want to get this booked so I can stop going crazy!

My email is if anyone would rather email photos instead of post them on here.

Thank you to everyone who posts I don't know what I would do without this message board