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    Hello all,

    Just a quick review of CSS We stayed in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite in the B Block. Our room was B33 and we loved it. Perfect unobstructed view of the lawn/beach. We had a great trip and commented several times how most of the staff was much friendlier than the other Couples resorts (We've been to all of them once and CSS twice). Our shuttle from the airport to CSS and CSS to the airport were much shorter than previous trips. It was under 90 minutes each way. Both drivers drove fast and didn't stop which was nice.

    There were a few things that disappointed us that we thought were nice in previous visits:
    1. When we arrived we didn't get a warm cloth or champagne. We were the only people arriving at that time so it wasn't too busy...

    2. They didn't leave any cute animals or flowers made of towels on the bed when they made it.

    3. They ran out of bananas for three days. This bothered us because we love BBC's and strawberry banana smoothies. I understand one day, but three?

    4. We didn't get a going away package (they normally give you a bag with snacks, drinks, etc).

    I hope it was just bad luck and they aren't taking away the little things that make Couples so perfect.

    I don't want to people to think that we had a bad trip because of these small things. We had a great time. With that being said, I think we are going to stick with CSA (our fav) or CN (our 2nd choice) for the next few trips.

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    Thanks for the review and glad that overall you had a great time! Odd that so many things went wrong but you have a great attitude about it. I wouldn't let it ruin my vacation either!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Interesting. One of the things I really missed at CSS that we experienced at CTI was the flowers and towel sculpture in our room. At CTI, on arrival, there were "swans" on our bed and there were fresh tropical flowers in the wall vase sconces at all times. One day, there were tropical flower petals on our bed. We never experienced any of that at CSS. I really missed the flowers, and was surprised, quite frankly, that staying in a penthouse suite didn't seem to warrant those special touches.

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    I agree... these are simple things that make you go wow! When vacationing wows make me go back.

    Not greeted with champagne or cold towels?
    Cute animals...not my thing but wife likes a must but possible it was out of season?

    These are all pluses when choosing a resort.....individually not a big deal however its the little things that make places like CSS special. Last vacation we were celebrating anniversary....and they missed the opportunity.

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    We stayed at CSS last March and didn't receive a departure pack either. We really missed it for the trip home.

    At each of our previous trips to Couples, CN (2x) and CSA (1x), we had received the departure pack. We love to use the little bags for lunch bags when we return home. It's a small thing but I think it's a great marketing tool for Couples! Co-workers always ask us about our lunch bags and then ask us about Couples and look at booking their own trip after we go on...and on...and on about how wonderful Couples is!

    I will post after returning from CSS next week (!!!!) as to whether we receive a departure pack

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    I double-checked the Romance Rewards and a "Departure Gift" is still listed...maybe Randymon would be so kind to investigate as to why CSS hasn't been giving out the departure packs?

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    I'm headed to CSS in one week (have been to CN 3x). I think I need to stop reading the message board because I keep seeing things mentioned that I loved about CN and they don't do or have at CSS. I sure hope I find new "wow" things I love at CSS. It is Jamaica, after all, and what's not to love about that!

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    In January, we got all those extras; champaign and hot towels on arrival, flowers on the bed a couple of nights, a towel swan once or twice, and the lunch bag on departure. This was the same as the two years before. I'm surprised at what happened on your trip.

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    When we went to CSS last June, we didn't received the departure gift either. It wasn't a real big deal, but I was a little disappointed. I'm sorry to hear that this is apparently the norm at CSS. Will be back at CN this June and hope we will get it there.

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    We received it a CSS, but did not receive it at CN.

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    We just left CSS on March 9 and did receive the departure gift. There were about 6 more on a ledge right behind the front desk. We had a granola bar, two bottles of water, and an apple and orange in our little blue bag. If I remember correctly, I believe there have been trips in the past when the departure gift was not given to us. Perhaps they run out from time to time? There are a growing number of repeaters, and I think this is highly likely.

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    Hi! When we were at CSS the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we received several glasses of champagne and a cool towel at check in, there was towel art on the bed once--but I left a nice note for the housekeeper saying that I liked towel art and flowers so she started leaving towel art and flowers everyday thereafter! They ran out of bananas at SSB one time at the end of the day and we got our departure package too! So I don't think this is a consistent problem at CSS!

    One Love!

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    Maybe it's a B block thing??? Our 2012 Aug/Sep trip we didn't get the towel art, flowers, or departure gift also. Disappointing but not heart breaking.

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    We were there in February (Best Trip Ever) We stayed in a Penthouse. Now departure gift, and we were 9 time repeaters. No big deal, but wondered why as well. We did get the wonderful welcome though.

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