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    Default Couple Questions about CTI, Island Dock an Boat

    Havent heard in some time from any CTI guests. Is the Dock rebuilt yet after tropical storm? And heard the boat is now Pontoon Boat from mainland pier to island,, Is this so?

    Is Damion the isle bartender still on CTI property? We havent been Home since February 2011,, All ready have prices for February 2014 But cant do air with it for like another month,,, Soon as we can do resort with airfare Its gonna be done
    So tell Damion an Byronadn is it Everold ?in lobby the bell boys,,
    The Missourians Will Soon be Home again!
    Also is AKA
    The Love Doctor Shuttle Bus Driver still?

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    We were at CTI last week, and the dock has been rebuilt. There are still some sandbags once you leave the dock and proceed onto Tower Isle. They are easy to walk on. They were also putting the finishing touches on new stairs/railing that go down to the sea. These are located on the right side of the island.
    Kimoni was the isle bartender while we were there. He told us that Damion works out there at times, but has now been promoted!

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    Damion has been promoted so you won't see him tending bar on the Island. He now supervises all the bars so you will see him around.

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