Hello all! Think we've decided on either CN or CSA for our trip this year. Now just need to choose! Would love some help deciding...which resort has the best beach for relaxing? Clearest and warmest water to float in all day? Which has the best food? Which is quieter and less of a party resort? (I don't want to feel like I'm at spring break yet don't want to feel like were youngest ones there). We've been to Secrets Capri the last 3 years in a row and love it (it got a little too party like at times for me this past trip) but want to try Jamaica and something new. My idea of a vacation this year is some major R and R! Reading a book on the beach/in a hammock, tanning my pale self, and enjoying fabulous cuisine. I've talked to some people and have some info but it can't hurt for some more opinions! My hubby and I are in our early 30s in case that helps! Thanks again!

PS - love that there are message boards for this resort chain!!