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    Default Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA

    Just booked our first trip to CSA in December. We booked a BFVS and I was just wondering if all the suites have a view of the ocean or are some of the suites blocked by other buildings limiting the view.


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    All of the BFVS rooms are literally on the beach. We've stayed (at one point or another) on all 3 floors. By far, the best view is from the 3rd floor, but then again, you have to deal with all those extra steps. I've attached a picture from our second floor balcony this year in BFVS room 3217. I thought the view was terrific, although with a few palm trees.

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    BFVS is on teh front row facing the beach. Balcony view may be blocked by trees but no other buildings. Good choice.

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    Some on the second floor have palm trees in the way. I was disappointed in that view but loved the first floor. No buildings in the way.

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    Awesome choice! And if you don't like the view because of palm tree obstruction, just let the front desk know and I'll bet they'll move you as soon as possible (may be a day or two, though).

    We love the first floor rooms and just rolling out of our room onto the beach.

    Have fun!!!!

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    Thanks everyone. The view looks amazing..we are so glad that we booked this room. Only 276 days to go.

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    Agree.... third floor ( Preferably corner ) rooms have the best view. Mostly above tree level. Didn't mind the stairs. Small price to pay.

    Here was our view off balcony in 2011. Room 4324. 3rd floor corner room next to pool with swimup bar. Wasn't too loud and was nice to sit out there and watch the sunrise and sunsets.

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    Amazing pictures!!! I will be there Sept 15th(getting married the 18th) and we booked BFVS..We want 3rd floor corner room. Hope we get one

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    Booked a BFVS for Nov. does anyone have pictures of the interior of these rooms?

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    Steve B .... I have a slide show posted here (not very long)

    Couples Swept Away Sans Souci Jamaica 2011 on Vimeo

    Several interior room shots of BFVS.

    CSA Aug. 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, Oct. 2015
    CSS Aug. 2011, Aug. 2014

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    I hope the picture attaches..........We prefer the 1st floor BFVS. It's very easy access. They give you a key to the verandah door now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djhubley View Post
    Thanks everyone. The view looks amazing..we are so glad that we booked this room. Only 276 days to go.
    Hey! You'll be there when we are. We booked the atrium suites. Dec 13-23. We are very excited... Wife and I (married Dec 2012) and this will be our "official" honeymoon. First timers!!!

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    Here are photos from the inside of BFVS Room 3217 (second floor) from January 2013. Note that only the corner rooms will have windows on the wall by the bed.

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