Thirty days. As of yesterday, March 11, that’s what standing between us and another much anticipated trip back home. With 34 previous trips to our Cove in the Caribbean, one might think that all the hoopla and excitement would have subsided somewhat. One would have been wrong. The anticipation, thrill, excitement, hoopla and all the rest, have not diminished what so ever. Not by a long shot. In fact, it is just the opposite. Because we have been there so many times, we know exactly what to expect, whom we will see, what we will do, so when the next one rolls around, we still go in to our “countdown” mode, and the waiting begins. And from that moment on, until we arrive in Jamaica, our daily routine of living and working here, is made brighter every day as the countdown continues to grow ever smaller.

I have thirty days. It’s not an unreasonable amount of time. Although any time one must wait to return home, can be very unreasonable. But it’s not six or eight months, or, heaven forbid, a year or more. Thirty days. Four weeks. One month. I dunno, no matter how I put it, there are still a whole lot of hours have to tick tock away, before our minute arrives.

“I can’t change time, but time can change me”. As each passing measure of time silently melts away into a new tomorrow, my time remaining here is also quietly becoming less and less. And with that, comes increased excitement, joyful feelings and a bubbliciousnous that can only be understood by others that have been before.

There will be a few more loads of laundry to do in the next few weeks. A couple of trips to Stop & Shop. Some odds and ends errands. Weeks of work still to get through. And life being what it is, I’m sure that there could always be some unexpected little issue to rear its ugly head.
But all that aside, it’s still going to be up to me as to how I will cope waiting for each twenty-four hours to slip away and bring us one day closer to our retreat in reggae land. So many more hours.

We all face the same situations when we plan a trip to Couples. Things that must be taken care of prior to the trip. Big things, little things. Stuff to take care of at work, at home, with family and other assorted details to attend to. But taking care of all of the loose ends, also serves another purpose as well. We keep our eyes on the prize. We talk about it every day. We post and read on the MB or FB. We are consumed with the countdown and steadfastly focused on the day we leave.
This helps a great deal with our morale every day. When some little hiccup tries to ruin our day, we just think about the upcoming adventure. Having a trip to look forward to is a fantastic stimulation. It can help smooth out some of the rough edges of everyday life.

However, even with all that we must do to spend some time in paradise, we do it willingly. Well mostly. We do all that must be done because we know that the ultimate reward of “being there” is worth the effort and the expense.

The bags are here beside me in our computer room. Surrounded by piles of stuff to be sorted, tried on, resorted, and finally packed. There is a very slight aroma of Sport Sunscreen wafting up from suitcases. It fills my nostrils and my head with sensuous and soothing images of a distant island.
We’re all waiting. We’re all eagerly looking forward to “that day”. We’re all just treading water for the next X number of days. I know. It’s frustrating. Really frustrating.