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    Default 4 days to go!! Will I need an adaptor for docking station, have Iphone 5

    how can I state my state of mind? YEE Haaw!

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    I haven't been since April of 2012 (April 2013 come soon!), but my answer would be "YES!" - you will need the adaptor. My wife and I were just discussion last night that Apple really did a disservice to their customers by changing the configuration, basically making all iPod devices unusable, then having the nerve to charge ~$25-40 for an adapter. An adapter should have been included in the price of the iPhone 5.

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    No adapter needed, I plugged in all my stuff without it - no problem!
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    The docking stations are for the older "standard" ipods. Bring your adaptor.

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    Unless they have made a recent change you can doc older iPhones and ipods but not iPhone5s on the clock/stereos in the rooms. Bring your adapter.

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