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    Default Gift Ideas for the Staff

    We have been to CSA 3 times and going our 4th time this May and was wondering what other people leave for gifts for the staff? We always leave something for several staff members. I just want to make sure it is something they could use or need.

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    I always leave Bath & Body Works stuff for the housekeeper (a variety of the trial size items) and some candy. Each day I set out two B&BW items and some candy in a gift bag. Last two trips the housekeeping lady was thrilled with it (or so she seemed).
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
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    After being to Jamaica once before and then speaking to residence of Jamaica, I have been told many times, I have been told medical supplies are very hard.
    Things like Tylenol, Advil, heartburn medication. All medication both adults and childrens. That is what we brought last time and it was very well received. We also brought fun candy for any children we may have come across on the way or for the staff's children. Colouring books, pencils.
    I like to bring small things to pack in my luggage but if you have the extra room I have also been told that cotton shirt and runners are well recieved. i left a pair of my sandals there and the recipent was very happy with them.
    Because they are an island, to get anything there, it is very expensive. I am sure anything you bring will be used and needed.
    Have a great vacation!

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    I usually bring body lotions , nail polish, hair accessories, candies for their kids. We are going close to Easter this year, so I am bringing some Easter eggs for their kids.

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    we take stuff for their children, coloring books, crayons, pens, pencils, candy.....

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    The BEST "thing" you can give them is to write their names down on the comment card when you check out. It beats every other possibility by far.

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    We always leave bags of M&M's for housekeeping and for room service or other special things we give ball caps from out state university, etc. Have even given inexpensive watches. All "gifts" include a card thanking the employees and our name.

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    We always bring one large suitcase full of stuff:
    -jewelry ( I make hand made sterling silver with Swarovski crystals, no earring they don't usually have pierced ears)
    -OTC meds (Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc) this is $$$ in Jamaica
    -kids toys
    -gardening gloves
    -sunglasses (make sure they're uv protected)
    - hats
    -baby bibs, onesies, soothers
    -school supplies: paper, pens, pencil crayons, paints, glitter, stickers, crayons, rulers, erasers, etc
    -art supplies: paints, watercolor, glitter, Pom poms, pipe cleaners
    -body lotion, body wash
    -summer socks
    -specialty teas
    -lip balm
    -t shirts
    -nail polish (sephora has little bottles)
    -magazines (glamour, Cosmo)

    I like to put them in a little gift bag with a personalized note, i also make sure I leave some stuff for those behind the scenes like the gardeners and cooks. As you know you need to provide them with a note stating that it's a gift, your name and room number. Apparently they not only need these to clear security but they are also shown to the GM and they get recognized. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks to everyone for the great ideas. Lillian

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    Meeko - Thank you for that last bit. I didn't realize that a note was required, but the points that you mention are quite important. Much appreciated.

    I have only been to Couples once. We brought a HUGE bag of nice chocolates (Lindts, Doves and Ghirardellis). They were definitely well-received. We are going back to CSS June 28th and are planning to bring more chocolates, but now we have some more ideas.


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    Even though I have a Kindle, I generally bring a bunch of paperback novels that I get at our library used book sale. I tend to devour these and then hand them off to our housekeeper or bartender or whoever seems interested....We'll also bring ibuprofen, cough syrup, tylenol and the like. We can usually get this stuff fairly cheaply at a Costco, etc., and it doesn't take too much room in our luggage.

    We've also left behind sunscreen for our housekeeper.

    And yes, definitely add a note with your name and room number, even if you're handing off to your bartender, housekeeper with the best of intentions. That way they can "prove" that this was a gift.

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    No worries! Medical supplies are really expensive and really appreciated. I've also been told that dried fruits like raisins are super expensive and they use it often in their cooking. I also forgot to mention kitchen gadgets. Depending on when you're going you can usually load up around back to school time where you can buy crayons for 50 cents a pack. I also leave my unsed toiletries for the maids (face cream, shampoo, hair spray, etc) stuff that I don't need spilling everywhere.

    The gifts are really appreciated, I actually had someone cry because they were able to give their child something for Christmas where they normally would not have. Some people argue and say that if you wouldn't give it to a maid in your own country then don't do it in another, but in .jamaica I really disagree with these statements. Even when we went to a resort that allowed tipping in Jamaica we still gave gifts as well as tips and it went over well, at couples tipping is not an option but leaving a gift is great.

    Don't forget to name the employees who make your stay extra special in their feedback form because this is given to their managers. I didn't realize the notes I left for e employees to clear security was also shown to the GM until an employee told me. So it's good to know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrhalley View Post
    We have been to CSA 3 times and going our 4th time this May and was wondering what other people leave for gifts for the staff? We always leave something for several staff members. I just want to make sure it is something they could use or need.
    We are going to Barbados in Dec. I have a lot of nice cotton t-shirts in great shape that I don't wear anymore (lost a lot of weight) - I wonder if the maids in Barbados would like them?

    We usually leave mini choc. bars and perfume/lotion/lipstick samples, etc.



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    Glad to see so many great ideas. I had made a plan to do the same but the lists provided will help me make up my goodie bags.

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    Thanks again for all the great idea's. We always leave a note, but have never put our room number or names on them. I will remeber to do this when we go to CSA in May..

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