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    Default This makes waiting for our couples trip a little better...

    I, like everyone else, am patiently counting down the days to our next trip home... At work sometimes I find it hard to concentrate thinking about all the fun things I get to go back and do. The fresh coconut water I'll be getting in the mornings, having another "Omar Special" at the swim up bar and the sand gravity that I love so much!! For the past few months, this has so helped me get through those times because I can just peek at the day to day life of what is going on in Negril in a live feed! Welcome to Earthcam at Ricks cafe... I love watching the cliff divers and anyone else that decides to attempt it. Sometimes I just like to see the weather or the water waves just hit the bottom of the cliffs. When the sun starts setting, the live band comes on and they pan the camera to let you see the sunset for the day and the rest of the cafe. This in the background while I work helps the minutes, hours and days go by a little easier..


    EarthCam - Rick's Cafe Cam, Jamaica

    CN, see you in 108 days.........

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    WOW! That's so cool - thanks for the link.

    Mad about tennis

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    Thanks for the share, not sure its helping as I am now more home sick then ever......80days.

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    Thanks for that. I needed a new way to get my Jamaica fix!!

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