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    Default Couples Resort/ CTI First Timers going in May and have a question

    Husband and I are going in May and paid the deposit, but they still have not charged for the Airfare yet? I see the portion for the hotel, but not the airfare. How long does it normally take for the Airfare to be charged to my account? The other resort we went to 5 years ago took it out the day after the hotel portion came out. I just want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my account because my bank tends to be a little picky about what charges they let through. I already had to call them to have the other charges clear and were wondering if I need to do the same for the airfare. Hope somebody can shed some light on this.

    This is our first time visiting a Couples Resort and we just want everything to go as smoothly as our other trips.
    Thank you in advance for any information you can give.

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    Who did you book with?

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    I would call them and ask. We always book our flights direct with the airline, separate from the hotel, so I'm not sure when it would be charge. Seems like it should have happened at the same time. Who did you book with?
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    I booked directly off the website as a is US Airways..they finally posted it to my account..whew. I was getting a little worried, but we are all good now. In the future, what is the best airline to book with...unfortunately there are no direct flights out of Denver. But it seemed US airways was the cheapest. Granted we have an overnight layover in Charlotte, but it will be worth it to get in a little earlier to Jamaica the next day.

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    Our trip is in mid April, also leaving from Denver. We are booked on Delta.

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