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Thread: April 2013

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    Default April 2013

    Well i did it. Booked my first vaction to CSA. We are gonna be staying in one of the BFVS. Anyone else gonna be there then?

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    Never done April before.... but next year, we're going to return home on April 20 for 11th visit. When are you going to be there?

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    We'll be there once again. April 15-25. 20th visit.

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    We are gonna be there April 13-20. 1st visit...newbie alert!!! haha
    Boy am I gonna feel CANT WAIT!

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    Fozzy, be sure and take the orientation tour. I think it runs daily at 10 and five ( check on that). CSA is spread out so you don't want to miss anything.

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    My FI and I will be there for our weddingmoon April 19-26. CAN NOT WAIT! First time to CSA, 3rd trip to the Island.
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    We just booked our trip for April 13-20th 1st time for us. I am soooo super excited. We never had a honeymoon two years ago, and my hubby just retired, so this is a much needed vacation to paradise.

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    April 5-12 for the second time can't wait

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    We will be there April 20th-27th. Can't wait! This will be my wife and I's first trip the island and CSA.

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    We'll be there the first week of April and want to do the One Love Bus Bar Crawl on Wed April 3. Anyone interested?

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    Fozzy keep the room clean we have a bfvs 20-27.....have a great time

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    Ha. No promises. Gonna party like a rock star!!! lol

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    We will be there from Apr27-May4. We went to CSS last April and trying CSA this year.

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    do you have to register for the orientation tour?

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    rhunter, no, Ask when you check in but I think they probably meet in the lobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhunter72 View Post
    do you have to register for the orientation tour?
    No, just show up at any one of the orientations that meet your personal schedule. It's all up to you and what you want to do with your time. worries mon!

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    No, just show up at the designated time!

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    thank you softail19

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    Thanks guys this is really cool to be able to ask a question and get honest real answers, wished I would have started sooner.

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    Hey Fozzy... we're gonna be there April 12 - 19 for our third trip. We'll show you the ropes! :-) You'll find me lounging in the shade or floating in the ocean (with drink in-hand) most of the day. My hubby scuba dives most mornings.
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    Sounds good. I reposted on the other thread. Hope you can join us on the pub crawl. Should be alot of fun. You just have to email him and tell him the date and how many ect. I put his contact info on the other thread as well.

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    We'll be joining you all at CSA between April 12 and 19. Its our second trip to CSA, third trip to Jamaica. The countdown clock on my desktop says we're down to 80 days until we come "home"! I would echo the suggestions to do the Orientation. We are also trying the pub crawl this time and after reading reviews on tripadvisor about it I am pretty excited!

    I can't wait to get back in the swing of island life and we are looking forward to meeting you all!

    See you on the beach!

    Karen & John
    Bangor, ME

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    My wife and I will be arriving in CSA on the 20th of April for our honeymoon. It will be our first time anywhere exotic besides local lakes . Cant wait to live in paradise for a week!! See you all there!!

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    Stan -

    Where you traveling from? We're arriving on the 20th also! We're flying through Atlanta...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We are coming from Albany, NY. We seriously can't wait!!! It's her first time to any beaches beside ones in Maine. A whole new experience. We'll have to do the bar crawl together!! See you there!!!

    Stash and Jessica
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