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    Default Travel agent booked CN instead of CSA by mistake.

    They are closed for the weekend and it looks like CSA is now at full capacity. We are paying almost $3600 for 4 nights and I am so bummed. Saw video and photos and the bathroom literally looks like a motel 6. Not sure what to do and am afraid the vacation will not meet our expectations.
    Thinking I should cancel.

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    You'll find that the accommodations @ CN are just as dated if not more so than CSA in some cases. I wouldn't go so far to say Motel 6 though. They are very clean regardless. If it was me, and since CSA is full, CN would be my next choice anyhow. Where else did you have in mind?

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    Really? Like a Motel 6? I'm laughing...

    Sincerely, sorry for your misfortune, but I just can't believe you think Couples Negril would be anywhere close to resembling a Motel 6. I'm sure your TA will straighten this out for you and put you at the correct resort, but honestly, none of the Couples properties are "Motel 6".

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    I would fully expect your travel agent to at least try to accommodate you a CSA without charge. If they can't - CN is not a motel 6. I'm sure that you will still have an amazing time. I'm not sure what pictures you were looking at, but that's the first time I've heard that reference. I had to stop myself and say - whoa, that wasn't a joke. Seriously - don't be bummed. I'd be mad as hell at my travel agent because they did not do what you paid them to do - but CN is not a terrible or dismal place. You'll find the majority of the Trip advisor reviews are absolutely positive and mirror CSA's. Read some, they'll make you feel better.
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    There are a lot of Repeaters that have been to both. Some like CN better, and some like CSA better. I wouldn't worry too much if you end up there. Having spent 24 nights at CN, I can assure you it's no Motel 6. And, if you're paying $3600 for CN, prepare to pay a little more for CSA.

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    I haven't been to CN but all the reviews I read on here seem to be very good. Maybe you can spend ome time going through them nd it will help you feel better!

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    Relax, there are just as many people that prefer Couples Negril over Swept Away as there are the other way around. If the cost would have been the same for Swept Away, just go with the flow. Try and do the " trading places". That way you will get to see both and know what you want for the next trip, because, there will be a next trip!

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    That is terrible that your TA made that error.

    We are CN folks. The bathrooms are adequate to do everything you need to do...but aren't anything beyond functional. (I don't mean that as a bad thing...but I don't go to CN for the bathroom). You deserve to get what you want and completely understand your disappointment, but will suggest that CN is really a great place. We are returning for trip 5 on April 11 and can't wait!

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    Seriously... the bathroom is a make or break deal??? Having stayed at both, the bathrooms are pretty much the same, unless you book the jacuzzi suites at either resorts. Couples Negril bathrooms are actually less tired looking if you will.
    I think you will have a wonderful time at CN. Maybe this happened for a reason

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    Hands down I love csa better but if it comes down to cn or no vacation, I'll take cn in a heartbeat. You never know until you try, you will probably have a blast. Its Couples after all!! I would go and do a trading places to get my csa fix.

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    First of all I should point out you are going to a Couples Resort in beautiful Jamaica. If you don't have fun it is because you did not let yourself and not the resort choice or room category. That being said, yes it sucks your agent messed up your reservation but please let it go now and plan to enjoy! Look at the postings on this site. People love where ever they go and they usually fall in love with their first Couples. We were married at CSS, loved it, and went back 2 more times. We then tried CSA, loved it, and went back 2 more times. Heading to CTI and CSA in a month, plan to love it and go back more times. Get the picture. Once you go to Couples you always want to come back home again! This is just your first trip to your new home with 4 other possibilities available in the future. Life is grand...Irie.

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    We just spent a week in CN and took the day trip to CSA. We were very happy to be staying at CN. Better resort. Much better beach. You won't regret it.

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    I prefer CSA, but CN is very nice and a good value. That said, your TA needs to make this right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannahgirl View Post
    They are closed for the weekend and it looks like CSA is now at full capacity. We are paying almost $3600 for 4 nights and I am so bummed. Saw video and photos and the bathroom literally looks like a motel 6. Not sure what to do and am afraid the vacation will not meet our expectations.
    Thinking I should cancel.
    Cancel is such a hard word...

    1) If the air reservations (and your schedule) permits, reschedule to dates where you can book CSA (we prefer the atrium suites).


    2) Have the travel agent book you into San Souci or Tower Isle.


    3) Call Couples directly and see if they can accommodate and correct the reservation. Couples direct reservation line is listed on the web site.

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    $3600 for 4 nights seems crazy high. Since it was the agents fault, ask for your money back. Then, you can check prices and book thru someone else. CSA is the best! But I think you would like CN too.

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    First, fire your travel agent. Second, don't worry about it. If you are spending time in your bathroom you are missing the whole point. Enjoy the beach, the sun, the food, the drinks, the entertainment and most importantly you love! No worries.

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    You will have a great time at CN. The bathrooms are not RITZ quality, but they are clean and you don't spend much time in them. You will find that you spend very little time in the room. The food is great and the beach cannot be beat. We are not pool people when there is sand available, but other reviewers rate the pool at CN as the best of all 4 Couples resorts in Jamaica. The included activities are the same at CN and CSA, so you are not missing anything there.

    Be upset with your agent but don't spoil a great vacation by thinking CN is not a good resort. Let us all know how this turns out for you.

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    Wow, sorry to hear about that. Did you not read the paperwork before you left the TA? I can understand your disappointment when finding the error. It sucks when you have your heart set on something only to find out you have to "settle" for something else. I use the term settle loosely. Im sure that if the TA can't rectify the situation, you can get some sort of compensation from them. Meanwhile you will enjoy CN. They will keep a light on for you.

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    Unless you are staying the 4 nights during New Years and the $3600 includes both of your airfare, there is no way it can cost that much. Have you talked to your TA yet?

    I also literally snorted at your Motel 6 comparison, but I think the previous posters have already discredited your theory.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    I totally get where you are coming from. Its so much money and I agree the bathrooms at CN are cramped and small. I don't care what people say, you are spending quite a bit of time in your bathroom to get ready and other things. I prefer CSA as well, and their bathrooms are just laid out a lot better. Not nicer, just a better design in my opinion. You should get what you pay for and not just make the best of it, although CN is quite lovely, but different. Let us all know how it turns out.

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    I would insist on your TA correcting their mistake if not available then change to a time that is.

    Having said that I have been to CN twice and CSS twice and done day trips to both CTI and CSA. I much prefer CN to CSA. I will point out that none of the Couples Resort rooms are the Ritz! Be prepared for that regardless which resort you choose. They are all a little dated in our opionion but they are clean, however, it is not the rooms we go for. It is the service, food, overall ambiance, tops shelf liquor, inclusions, and the "couples only" atmosphere. We have been to other AI's and always find ourselves comparing everything else to Couples even if the other resorts rooms blow Couples away the rest is much more important. CN & CSA is a matter of personal preference.

    Enjoy whatever happens, but I still vote for making them correct their mistake!

    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN April, 2013 soon come

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    Cancel and get your money back. Then tell them they have no clue what they are doing...

    $3600 for 4 nights seems super expensive potentially even more so depending on your travel dates. Without even looking hard, I found 7 nights in December (as an example) flying out of an airport near you for $3100 with airfare, out the door. Look around and do some independent research - it can pay off big. When were you planning to travel?

    Good luck

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    If you are paying $3,600 for 4 nights, first thing I would do would be find a new Travel Agent. Thats is ridiculously high!

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    You are going to get varying opinions, but we visited CSA for six years and last year (Dec) tried CN. We won't be back to CSA. They are both great, but CN was by far our favorite and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you chose to go. To cancel would be a tragedy!

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    Wait.....your going to CN instead of CSA? Woo Hoo..!!!! You lucky devil......God does work in mysterious ways!!!!

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