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    I will be the first to admit to being part of a loud group last Oct. - beach bar (CSS), one rainy afternoon, with about 30 of our new friends. However, our loudness was mostly because we were all talking and laughing together instead of bemoaning the rain. Note to Mellow: we ranged from 20's-70's (and boy, did we all tell some tales!). We are 40's, but found the company of all to be a hoot.

    The thing I love about CSS is the diversity of ages and areas. You can have a party break out by the pool, then find serenity at the mineral pool/spa or lake if you prefer. A TRUE repeater would know the difference between those areas and respect the fact that there are choices - then respect the fact that others want the choice also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Unfortunately, people who are "repeaters" seem to think that they have a God given right to do whatever the heck they think they should do while on vacay at Couples. There were comments about repeaters being inappropriate at TI, and CSS as well . . . .

    And what the h-e-double hockey sticks is WRONG WITH COUPLES MANAGEMENT for allowing this horseshit to continue to happen????? . . . .
    I don't think that bad behavior is limited to returning guests. In our 19 trips, we've seen plenty of bad behavior by first-time guests, including a woman intent on seducing one of the bartenders at CSA. We witnessed her loud and lewd behavior on three consecutive days before deciding that we wouldn't be paying another visit to the swim-up bar until after she checked out.

    I met Randymon at CTI in 2010 at the anniversary party. He told me about a guest at CSA that was jumping off the balcony of his room into the pool. Randy introduced himself and told the guy not to do it again. The guy did. Randy told him if he did it again, he and his wife would be asked to leave the resort. The guy did it a third time, and he and his embarrassed wife were thereafter escorted to their room by security so that they could pack up and leave. I think alcohol is responsible for a lot of the bad behavior that occurs.

    BTW, I thought it was funny that you didn't use the word "hell" but had no trouble throwing out "horseshit"!
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewooduls View Post
    I definitely see what everyone is upset about... but there is a time and place to do your "woohooing". These people were on vacation just like everyone else, paid just like everyone else, and were having a good time. Does that need to be in the spa portion of the resort...probably the formal dinner...probably not. But I don't see anything wrong with people having a good time on their vacation. Maybe if Couples put signs up in the "tranquil" parts of the resorts stating something about noise and language that'd be the best idea.

    I definitely don't think that the age limit needs to be raised!

    The resorts are 18+, everyone has heard some sort of bad language sometime in their lives. They're just words...shouldn't let it affect your vacation! You're in paradise while many others (even on the same island you're staying on) don't have the luxury to do so.
    With absolutely no disrespect for those wanting to have a good time (and if I'm wrong I know others will correct me) but I don't think Couples ever intentionally fostered a real "party atmosphere". this beautiful piece of paradise has been intended as a romantic escape to share with your loved one...not with a large group of loud partiers as found on every other Caribbean resort...that's what makes it so special. Sure sometimes friends come together but for larger groups just wanting to party, I don't think this is (or used to be) the place for them.

    We also had the misfortune of being witness to this incident and it was not pleasant at all. This woman was completely obnoxious and as much as I feel very sorry for staff who have to deal with this kind of sit'n, it does need to be dealt with far more quickly; as Artie said for those of us in G block, it was not a pleasant afternoon at all.

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    Mellow - don't let an overly energetic message board thread concerning overly energetic partying make you question your decision. Couples is outstanding and I think you will have a great time.

    If you happen to be in Negril mid-April, let me know...we can have a cocktail.

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    I'm sure you made a very good decision to go to Couples! Have a few drinks, laughs and enjoy the time there. It's awesome. No judgin' going on unless it's inexplicably inappropriate.

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    There is a time and a place for "woohoo"-ing. I am not one to be confused for a party animal, however I am also not one to diminish the good times of others on vacation. But again, there is a time and a place for behavior that can go over the top a bit. We are CSA repeaters many times over and one of the things we enjoy is the afternoon gatherings at the swim up bar. The later afternoons often become somewhat noisy and a bit of over imbibing is readily apparent, though it usually occurs within the bounds of expected resort behavior. I have on more than one occasion put a hand on the shoulder of a gentleman or a lady that has obviously reached their alcohol limit and suggested that they slow down and perhaps begin to recover in anticipation of dinner and evening activities. This is most often met with agreement and thanks, usually from the subject and their significant other as well. Sometimes a bit of peer pressure goes a long way to defuse a situation before it gets out of hand. This is suggested not as a cure all for the behaviors that may occur, as some described above, but perhaps we could head off a bad event from happening before things get too out of hand and security or management has to step in. Though it is reassuring to know they are there when needed. We're all there together, let's try to play nice.

    Respect to all. See you at the beach!

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    Once again, thank you for being such an attentive and responsive leader of the team at Couples Sans Souci! You run a tight ship, and most guests be they newbies or repeaters appreciate all that you and the staff do, so I know that the behavior described by the original poster is the exception and not the norm! We work hard to afford our vacations to Couples, and will continue to enjoy the resorts, and not let our enjoyment negatively impact the enjoyment of others! My husband Karl and I are booked for trip #7 this July and also have 2014 booked as well. We LOVE Couples Resorts! Once you go you know!:-)

    One Love,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre.B View Post
    The management and staff at Couples Sans Souci always make an effort to provide an atmosphere conducive to romance and relaxation. From time to time the occasional guest might indulge in a bit more at one of our bars than they are accustomed to. Because this sort of behaviour is the exception rather than the rule, we do try to give our guests the benefit of the doubt unless this sort of behaviour appears to be habitual. We do hope that the interruption in the resort’s tranquillity did not overly impact your holiday.
    We do apologise for this inconvenient.

    Pierre Battaglia
    CSS GM
    Pierre, thank you for your response.
    Yes, this was definately the exception to the rule. We love CSS, and this will not deter us from repeating. I guess the point of my post was two-fold;
    1) I sincerely hope the guests do read this, and will use better judegement next time.
    2) I did not appreciate having to ask the staff twice to deal with the problem. After the first phone call to Guest Services, and the initial visit by a staff member, which I mentioned in my original post, I had to get dressed and go to the the front desk when they continued their antics. I guess I was a little disappointed Couples did not deal with the situation without me having to complain the first time, as it was over 30 minutes before I initially phoned, and then another 30 minutes before I went to the desk. Someone should have dealt with it before I had called the first time.
    Thanks to all the replies to my OP. I only hope the offending parties have read this.

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    The following is a permanent thread posted by Randymon,

    Couples Resorts Code of Conduct.
    Greetings to all:
    Regarding your expected behavior while vacationing at our resorts:
    Couples Resorts positions itself as a very romantic destination where couples can reignite the spark that first brought you together. Our registered “tagline” is Tranquil Days. Intimate Nights. Romantic Always.® To ensure that management and staff is able to provide you with the romantic experience you expect from Couples Resorts, we ask all guests to follow a few simple conduct guidelines.

    Respect, Mon! Maturity, Mon. Relax, Mon. Love, Mon.

    o Please respect your fellow guests by refraining from using foul or obscene language
    o There is no reason to shout
    o No rough play or fighting
    o No glass containers in or around any pool or Jacuzzi
    o Loud music – whether on the beach, near a pool or in your room – is prohibited
    o No smoking in any restaurant, except where officially designated as a smoking area.
    o No inappropriate gestures (mooning, flashing, etc)
    o No nudity outside designated areas
    o Ganja, Marijuana, Pot, Weed: Not matter what you call it... Do not smoke it or take any other illegal drugs while on property
    o And, what seems to be the root of most of the problems, moderate your alcohol content please. We know it is included, but it should not be viewed as a contest to see who can drink the most...

    Please note that management reserves the right to remove from the resort any guest who is unwilling or unable to accept the above guidelines. In such case, there will be no refund or compensation of any nature.

    We certainly want everyone to enjoy your stay with us. We do not feel the above guidelines are unreasonable nor will abiding by them cause your vacation to be less enjoyable. Your cooperation is both anticipated and appreciated.

    Pass this along...

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    Pamela - If you would have read my follow up to my original response, I was merely trying to inject a bit of levity into my comment with my euphemism for the word "hell." But thank you for your snark.

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