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    Default Anyone else addicted to this board?

    Booked our first trip to CSA in Nov. Now I am addicted to reading all the posts on this board. I must say reading these posts I have picked up on several tips that will be extremely helpful.

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    Yes. You are not alone Steve.

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    YES! The closer I get to my trip (25 days but who's counting), the more I check these boards!!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Yes!! I read every post about CSS and SSB and nearly ll the rest too!! It keeps me pumped and excited while we wish our lives away for the next 152 days!!!

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    I admit , I'm a couples addict

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    my first trip was to csa year and a half ago. and recently went to cti. from the first day i booked csa ive been hooked to the mb. sometimes it may be a week or here lately almost every day that i look at the board. i love to hear about the good times people hv at couples resorts. and now i can comment on posts. only thing it makes me miss jamaica.

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    Me also , now even have hubby reading it . I love learning from others that have been there before but we are going to CSS .

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    It does not get any better after you return...

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    YEP!! CN last year, CTI in 37 days, CTI/CSS split in 401 days.. I check the boards almost daily... I have issues....
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    I check the board just about every day. Can't help myself.

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    This is my version of Calgon (take me away). I keep a picture of CSS beach above my work computer, take 10 minutes to glance at the website and the board, and just close my eyes and I'm almost there . . . 214 more days - but who's counting

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck View Post
    It does not get any better after you return...

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    Believe me Steve, you are far from alone.

    There are always new couples discovering this fantastic MB, and their experiences are enhanced immerasurably due to reading of all the others that have gone before. The "newbies" can feel their excitement and that starts making their own upcoming trip seem even more wonderful.

    And for those of us that are "repeaters", well it goes without saying that we are thrilled with every trip. There is always something new and interesting to encounter.

    And when the time comes that we may not have a trip booked for the future, or we may have a year or longer to wait before returning, we can all live vicariously of those that are going now. We're happy because their happy. And we know when they return, they will, once again, turn to this silent medium and share all of their experiences. It will help with all of our longings.

    I've been on the board for a long time and I have seen lots of changes over the years. But one thing that never changes is the way couples feel when talking about their vacation. Enthusiasm and happiness prevail throughout.

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    We leave for our first Couples experience in 3 days. I was hoping when we got home I would not be as addicted to Messages Boards. Sounds like that might not be the case

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    Hi my name is Susan and I'm a Couples Message Board addict. It is a great place to get information especially for first timers. There are great threads on here that are full of things you might not have thought of but others have. Everyone enjoy their trips!!

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    Hi, our names are Karen and Paul, and we are Couples Message Board addicts. We have not entered into rehab, or tried the 12 step program, because we know that this is a very difficult addiction to cure, and personally, we don't want to be cured! We know, we know, we could be doing more productive things for society - but we are weak, and we are seriously addicted!!

    Seriously, though, this forum is a wonderful marketing tool, and it helps introduce new members to the Couples family, as well as serving as a bottomless well of information for everyone.

    To Randy - I don't know how you keep doing the monitoring of it all, it must be one of those tasks that is always on your mind, and you feel you can never escape out from under it, but ALL of us "addicts" are so very appreciative of all of the endless hours that you spend allowing us to "feed our habit" !! It is just one more example of what makes Couples THE BEST! Thank you, Randy - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

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    Hi, my name is Melody and I also am a Message Board Addict. Trip #8 booked and anticipated. I don't come on as much as I used to.....but it gets intensified with impending trips.

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    Oh no, I have also become an addict!! Got back a week ago from first trip to CSA. Loved it! Now have to wait until 2014 to go back.

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    Love the boards. I haven't been to Jamaica for 3 1/2 years now and am jonesing bigtime. This place helps alot.

    For any noobs, and also not so noobs, please post some sort of trip review when you return. I've seen a few lately but in days past there seemed to be many more. These are the posts that get you through the "dry spells" away from the greatness that is Couples.

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    I guess the first step is admitting I have a problem. LOL! As I said this is my wife & I first trip to CSA. We are going in Nov. I want to maybe explore California for a week but my wife said and I quote "If we are going away for a week alone to relax my butt is sitting on the beach and it better be warm" Well CA in Nov. not cold but not warm like my wife wants, and she expects water temp to be 85 degrees. I find I sit every evening reading this MB and tripadvisor.

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    I don't get this whole Couples addiction thing. I will be back to Negril for the fifth time on April 11. I am going to give CN maybe 20 or 30 more visits. If I don't understand the addiction by then I am through!

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    Yes, yes, yes! Since the first time I read this message board when I was planning our first trip to CSA, I was hooked. In between trips it keeps me going until the next one.

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    Hi. My name is Mark. I have been a Couples Message Board Addict for 803 days. Get my fix just about every day. Goin Home in 224 days.
    Ere De Fun Don Done
    Grand Lido Sans Souci Feb. 2002, Couples Negril Feb. 2010,
    Couples Negril,Feb. 2011, Couples Negril Jan. 2012,
    Cool Runnings eh!

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    This board has been very very helpful to planning our honeymoon!

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    Heck; I read it while we are there! I might be missing something...LOL

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