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    Default referrel points?

    I've been to CSA & raved about it to all I know. Well when I booked for CSS a couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook all about it with pics of the resort. I've got several inquiries about it. How much it cost, etc. Well now, my friend had booked with her boyfriend & my aunt and uncle have booked! Is there any referrel resort credits available?! LOL...but really, it's a good idea if not.

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    No, but it is a good idea. People should be able to use your name or Romance Rewards number when booking to give you credit! I'd say every booking should get you $ off your next stay.
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
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    I think with all of fans of Couples,they would go broke if they offered referrel credits. They do offer Romance rewards for repeaters, hoped you signed up for them. link is on bottom of every page.

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    Used to be but I think they stopped that with the RR redo.

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    Your referral perks should come from your friends and family after they realize what a great thing you did for them by sending them to Couples! This will be the first of many trips back if they are anything like the usual Couples guest. We are heading back "home" for the seventh year in a row and already planning next years trip to CB. Irie...

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