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    Default Barbados restaruant dress codes

    Could Randy or somebody please clarify what the dress codes will be for the 3 restaurants in Barbados.

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    EricW -

    Each of the restaurants will be casual during the day. Shorts ok. At night, we ask the guests to dress up a bit so long pants for the gents and cocktail or sundresses - at least - for women requested.

    Think of it as taking your date to a nice open air restaurant.

    Couples Resorts

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    I assume that slacks for women is acceptable also? My "date" of 15 years is a bit of a tomboy and does not own and will not wear a dress. She is fine with slacks and a nice shirt however. We are OK with whatever ground rules you set, I am just trying to clarify what they are since the dress codes for Barbados are not stated on the website yet. I would hate to spend a bunch of money and show up without the proper clothes. Maybe we will just stick to our normal CN where there are less formal options for dinner.

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    Very nice Randy!!!

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    Hi there, it is cute to have a dress code specially if you will have a dinner. I think they implemented it so that it will look formal and romantic for partners. Anyway, if you are planning to take a vacation with your partner, why not bought a travel insurance to have a hassle free travel.

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    Yes, Eric - nice slacks for women is fine at night.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thank you for clarification Randy

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