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    Ah yes...Having just landing back home, thought you all would enjoy a typical day at CSS. It starts out with phenomenal room service coffee(and more if you choose) on your balcony. As you cruise through your waking moments, the sun is shining and you are watching staff prepare for the day and couples heading down for breakfast. You, however, are just taking it all in, birds chirping, ocean breezes, and deciding which bathing suit to put on for the day. Ah...guess you should get up and do something. So, you get dressed, pack your bag for the pool/beach and head on down.
    You saunter towards the breakfast buffet, walking winding paths with tropical foliage,beautiful flowers and waterfalls. You have the best waffle you've ever tasted along with anything else you could desire, but don't forget the champagne. A little bubble for breakfast never hurt anyone.
    Feeling full and completely satisfied, you head for the pool. The sun feels so wonderful, but is hot, so, heh...look....there's an empty the's attached to a BARTENDER!!! "Bloody Mary,please", you say. It magically appears.
    As you cruise through the morning, you converse with the wonderful people that you are meeting. The conversation goes something like this.."So, where are you from? When did you get here? Where is your room?" and as you spend the next 3 hours finding out how much ALL people have in common, you forget there is a thing called a clock. The only thing that reminds you is your stomach. What's that you say? A Beach Grill? problem, mon. Lunch is served and you discuss what else you should do. All the water sports are at your disposal, and then there are the tours that you have to decide upon. But you decide, that you don't want to decide and head back to the stool that is attached to the Bartender. Word of caution: Watch the Long Island Iced Teas...and hydrate with water in between.
    The day passes blissfully, the sun moves towards the west, and thank God, there is now shade over the pool. That invisible clock tells you that you might want to go up to your room, shower and prepare for a great evening. But, take your time, room service will bring you a little snack, drinks, or a bucket of ice. (Phenominal room service!!) You may even decide to stay in for dinner and then you are in for a real treat..The fillet is fantastic! Of corse, dinner in any of the restaurants is equally as wonderful, so, I'm afraid you must choose and carry on.
    Nightly entertainment is not to be missed, for if you go to CSS and you don't get to know Marsell, Mini-Me, or the lovely ladies who work so hard to make us all happy, then you will miss the whole experience. Truly a talented group of people. by day passes, and you realize that you've got 3 days left to get in all those things you told yourself you were going to do. You manage to book a tour or 2, and call the glass bottom boat your "water excursion". I'm sure there are much more active, adventurous spirits out there. Go for it! I needed to remember how to relax and just be. Which brings me to the spa...
    Up on the cliffs, there are winding stairways overgrown with tropical lushness, that traverse between little huts that treatments are conducted in. The facials are a must!! Then they will move you to another little hut up the cliff a ways for your dead sea salt body scrub and seaweed wrap.(A must on your last day, your tan will glow in the dark!) Thanks to Kenneth for very professional treatment.
    And what trip to CSS would be complete without your only child getting married to a wonderful woman...The most beautiful ceremony I've ever witnessed, complete with oceans of tears of joy. True paradise.
    My best wishes to anyone traveling to CSS. I will be back someday and maybe I'll get all those things done that I thought I wanted to do......

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    I will be back someday and maybe I'll get all those things done that I thought I wanted to do......
    You got it all figured out ~ the activities are optional, no need to cram them all into one trip as you will return. Sounds like you had a fantastic visit. We are having our first CSS visit in December and I hope we can decide to do maybe 1 activity ~ the rest of the time will be spent chillin.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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