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    Default Swimming with Dolphins at CSA

    We are first timers going to CSA on June 20th. Has anyone gone swimming with the dolphins? It likes like a cool thing to do but Ive not seen anyone mention it on the message board, so I thought I would ask......

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    You have the benefit of being able to visit the Dolphin Cove at Negril. We went in 2011 and it was awesome.

    On our first trip to Jamaica in 2005, we went to Dunns River then followed onto the Cove in Ocho Rios, which was a 3.5 hour trip one way but back then there was no cove at Negril. Although it was a long day from CSA, combining the two trips made it a memorable day.

    They also have different experiences to cater for different abilities - for example, if you cant swim, they have a touch programme.

    People will have mixed views with regards to animals being in captivity but we enjoyed the experience.

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    I will let you know, we are doing it on March 20th in Negril at Dolphin cove, check back for my review

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    We did it this past october for our honeymoon. It was pretty amazing. The water was a little murky in the cove due to hurricane sandy but it was still amazing. Its a once in a lifetime thing though. As much fun as we had we probably wouldnt do it again just because it wouldnt be any different.

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    Swimming with dolphins and the sting rays are amazing! We didn't do it our first time because it wasn't available in Negril but last time we stayed in Ocho rios and it was fabulous. Well worth the money, I could have stayed for hours. The pictures are expensive so be prepared for that I think we spent $300 on pics and a DVD but it was amazing maybe next time we will only get a few pics lol.

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