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    Hello All!

    My soon to be wife and I will be honeymooning at CSS from March 31st-April 7th 2013. This will be our first trip to CSS and we were wanting to get some tips/recommendations on what to do while at CSS.

    What are the best restaurants?
    Any special drinks we should try?
    Anything else you can suggest/recommend?

    Any and all information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Definitely try a Miami Vice. For an extra kick order it with a rum floater!

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    There are only 3 dinner restaurants on CSS; Bella Vista, Palazzina and Cassanova. Dinner at the Cassanova on the terrace is really a treat.
    Try a "Dirty Banana"...they're awesome!
    Don't forget that CSS offers room service. Try it for dinner for a special meal on your balcony/patio.

    Have a great stay!

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    Congratulations on your marriage and upcoming honeymoon at CSS. My wife and I will br returning "home" to Sans Souci for the 8th time for the same seven day period. CSS is truly a unique property where there is plenty to do but never any pressure to do anything. You truly control your holiday experience.
    We have travelled with just ourselves and also travelled with another couple. We have also returned with another couple who we met at CSS and continue to stay in touch with throughout the year.
    As mentioned by others, the food and beverage selection is excellent. From the relaxed local cuisine at Bella Vista (beachside) to the breakfast selections at Palazini, to the patio experience for fine dinner cuisine at Casanova, the three primary eating areas offer flexiility in both style and taste. We usually have a hot carafe of coffee and light beakfast delivered to our room (on balcony) in the morning - also may get some late afternoon snacks delivered to room after a day in the sun. The beach party and Gala are nice experiences, both for meeting people and for the vast selection of food, however if a quiet night alone is warranted a call to room service for a nice dinner in your room may be appropriate.
    The drinks are all great and we have never had any problems with the service. The "Dirty Bananas" are great .. except kick it up a notch and perhaps order a "Filthy" Banana ... just more booze!
    There is always plenty to do either through organized daily events, watersports activities or included off-site excursions. The Dunn's River Falls is included, and likely a great few hours, if only once. If going - suggest trying to go on a day with no cruise ship in dock.
    Nightlife is relaxed and really takes you where you are most comfortable ... this isn't a late night party resort, however whenever there are people wanting to extend the evening, a good time can always be had. (One night after all bars had closed, a number of couples just went to rooms and brought their bar stock to the beachfront bar and kept the party going) Grill at Bella Vista is open 11PM - 6AM for late night snack.
    PS - Couples Massage is a unique experience with the huts located overlooking the sea.
    Again ... congratulations and enjoy! I think you will both enjoy your experience.

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    Definately take advantage of the free scuba.
    Find the hidden grotto past the fitness pavilion, sit on the rocks and cool your feet while the fish tickle your toes.
    Definately book a couples massage!! I recomend the Hot Rocks.... incredible.
    Walk around the pond each morning and feed the turtles and fish after breakfast.
    Don't worry about the "towel game" getting your stuff about before breakfast. lots of wonderfulw charis.
    Definately ask the chef at the Smoothie Bar near the Mineral Pool to make you his daily special.
    Most important... extend a "please" and "thank you" to all the amazing staff!!!

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    krd7_99 - Hey there! First of all, congratulations on your marriage! Secondly, you could not have chosen a better place to celebrate your honeymoon than the very romantic Couples Sans Souci!! Thirdly, we will see you there!! We are going to be at CSS for our 8th trip from April 6th to the 15th - hopefully we'll see you on the 6th and congratulate you in person! We have lots of information that we can give you about CSS (far more than we could post on the board), so send us an e-mail at and we'll send the information to you, along with some pictures!

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