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    Default Ladies Repeater's TShirts...

    Are the ladies tshirts cut differently? Usually, we just get 2 larges and Jason wears them both. If it is a female tshirt, I will get one, if it's the typical box cut tshirt I will just order another one for Jason. Thanks for the help!

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    We were surprised at the Tees we got in July this year. They no longer had Ladies and Mens, and have gone to a unisize type shirt. One is Small/Medium and the other Large/XLarge. I believe a while back they went to the one shirt for all Couples resorts, but I still love my original Couples Negril Tee. Enjoy our heart's home; let us know if they are any different please.
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    The T shirts are all made the same with no difference for male or female.

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    When we went in July they had lady's cut repeater shirts. They gave me a small (looked like a children's small!) so I went to the desk to exchange it. At that time all they had were mediums so I took it. Now it fits a little short and snug. Just for reference - I usually wear a small or petite small.

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    No, they're just regular cut unisex t shirts

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    I guess I should add that we were at CN. Maybe it's different at each resort. Jahnadian - I believe we were there the week before you? I'm surprised at the difference in shirts. However - maybe they ran out of the lady's shirts. When I went to request a different size they only had small and medium. The largest shirt my husband could get was XL. The shirts we got last year at CN were the same, also. I was, however, able to get a L lady's cut shirt last year. I haven't seen the S/M and L/XL type shirts.

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    Yes I agree with Cands. We were at CN in July and the ladies T shirt I got was SOOOOOOOO tiny and tight. I usually can wear anything but I will never be able to wear this. So sad because I love my Couples T shirts.

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    You know what...we went to the other S resort and I can't tell you how disappointed we were that the only size repeater's shirts they had were mediums. I hope Couples isn't the same way...what's the point of offering tshirts if they don't have a variety of sizes? of course, I am sure they had large tshirts for the butler guests at the S resort but don't get me started...

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    When we went to CN in March 2009, we received two men's t-shirts; when we went to CSS in August 2009, he received a men's t-shirt, and I received a fitted women's t-shirt. I don't know if it varies from resort to resort, but this is our experience from this year.

    Every other year that we've stayed as returning guests (1999 was our first year as returning guests), we've received men's t-shirts.
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    We were at CSS Aug 24-Sept 1 & rec'd 2 regular men's t-shirts (an XL & a L). And, they were not specific to CSS -- they had all the Couples names on them.

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    When we were at CTI in August I was able to get the female cut while my husband got the regular t-shirt. They had all sizes available.

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