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    We were at the resort from 2/23 to 3/5, and our experience was overwhelmingly positive. That's why we already booked our stay for next year. There were a few differences from previous years that I thought would be worth mentioning. It started out in a less satisfactory manner than we'd seen in the past. Upon arrival Saturday afternoon, reception seemed a little chaotic. I thought perhaps the staff/guest ratio was a bit off or something. We received our cold towel but not the sparkling wine. It took several minutes before someone could talk to us. The staff member was fairly new and had to interrupt someone else for help in checking us in. But, he got it done and it was smooth sailing after that. We received all of our Romance Rewards material right away. The bell staff was friendly and helpful. Our precheckin liquor requests were attended to quite promptly. In general terms, I was a little concerned before arrival because some had expressed concern that things had changed, not necessarily for the better.

    We felt that most changes were for the better. The staff was just as friendly as ever to us, and that was pretty universal and includes maintenance and grounds staff. We thought Palms operated more smoothly than in the past. We never had to wait to get coffee at breakfast, which had been an issue in the past. Seems like a small thing, but a little thing like that came become an irritant and it is much, much, better now.

    Our room was clean and turndown service was like clockwork. We had nothing but positive interactions with bartenders and wait staff. There was one instance of slow service at Patois Patio at lunch, and that seemed to be because our table was being handled by 3 different servers for some reason. But that was the exception. Couples is still the best all-inclusive we've ever been to, and we've been at it since 1988.

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    Thanks for letting us know all is well at home. Some of these reviews are really scarry to think that the wonderful place that we love so much may have changed for the worse. I am glad you had the experience that we have come accustomed to. This will be our4th trip to Swept Away and all our trips were great. We were caught there during a tropical storm a couple years ago that sat over the resort for our entire vacation and the staff did a great job keeping the food drinks and fun going,despite horrible weather loss of power periodically and the worry of their families at home. It would be heartbreaking if that changed. Again thanks. Going home in 63 days. May 10th-18th!

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    I'm wondering which restaurant would be the best for Lobster night on Saturday?

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    They are all good, but I'd say Feathers is the best, followed by Patois Patio. I haven't experienced labster night at Lemongrass, but I would rate it highly for atmosphere. We just don't go to Palms much, other than for breakfast.

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    We generally love Lemongrass, but weren't too impressed with Lobster Night there....the lobster was done in a sauce that basically overwhelmed the taste of the lobster....We're with Iriemon - Feathers serves great lobster, as does Patois. The Palms is probably lowest on our list, as on a couple of occasions the lobster was rubbery and pretty tasteless - we attributed this to the high volume they need to crank out at the Palms....

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    Last Saturday we had the lobster at Patois and it was very, very good!

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