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    Good Morning,

    Are there any rooms in Buildings A and B for the beachfront suites that have larger balconies than the others? I suspect that they are all the same size, which is a-ok, just checking.

    I know we get our room assignment on arrival but if I know what to ask for, I can do so!

    Also, the pros and cons of being on the 1st floor- I like the idea of convenience and seeing people walk by and stop to say hello but you do lose some privacy that way too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this from experience.

    7 months and 17 days...the countdown begins!

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    Buildings A and B rooms and balconies are all the same size.

    If you are on a corner room (on the ground floor at least) you have more open space since there is no wall next to you. A12 is on the ground floor far side of the building closet to SSB. Since there is not another room next to you, that side of the patio is open and next to the greenery that blocks off SSB. There are some guests, but mostly staff that wonder by. There can be a lot of noise the nights they have parties at SSB (Tuesday and Saturday).

    We like the ground floor but I can understand why its not be for everyone. Keep in mind CSS is not overly populated so any perceived loss of privacy is really not that big a deal unless you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Mostly we spend mornings and some evenings on the patio and there aren't many people around and about then so for us its a non-issue.

    Things we like about the ground floor is if we're going to the pool bar, we just walk out the patio and left the door unlocked. Saves having to walk around to the front door. Not that that's a big walk, but just the same. No need to mention there are no stairs to contend with. The ground floor patios also feel bigger than the balconies since there is no wall closing you in.

    Scott and June

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    Thanks so much Scott and June! Great information and so helpful. I agree on your points of the ground floor and I feel the same way. We are traveling with friends who want a top floor and I hope they get their wish on that! I think we'll go with the ground floor and they can go up top-if its available. I will ask for the corner room as you suggest b/c I really like the idea of the "bigger" space with no wall. My husband and I are social people so seeing a few walk by will not bother us one bit.

    Thanks again for your tips and Happy Spring!

    Lori and Ron

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    While the corner rooms have a larger seating area, there is also less privacy. I qould definatley not request one of them. Let the dice fall where they amy and don' request anything would be my advice!
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