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    Default Friday, 9/18 - my birthday on SSB

    It was a day I will never forget (although those of you that were there with me might disagree considering all of the rum and hmmm...I had). First I had an incredible 2 hours at the spa which left me feeling relaxed and a little woozy.

    Then it was off to the AN beach. All of our friends from the AN beach showed up: Paul and Ruth, Jim and Lauren, Barbara and Chuck and Pam and Jack. We were having kind of a quiet time then Marcel shows up with the body paint. It was all down hill from there. I started drinking my grapefruit juice and rum and things got crazy.

    ShelliAnn and Miguel showed up then. There was not a person around the pool that didn't have handprints on their bums. And for me and Ruth, we handprinted the sisters. Then I painted Jeff and put some great handprints on him. I would love to show pics but I don't think they would allow them, might scare some newbies away. All of my friends and my special man made it the best birthday ever. Of course it will take a few days to recover as it is only Sunday.

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    Happy belated Birthday Jamaicalover!!!! Sounds like it was a fabulous time. Wish we had been there. I know I would love to see the pictures but you're probably right, they wouldn't be allowed and may intimidate some newbies.

    We haven't tried the body painting thing but would love to try it. We will bi at CN in April. Any idea if they ever paint at the AN beach at CN?

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    Default Pictures!

    Hey, Becca:

    Glad we were able to help celebrate your 16th!

    Here are some extremely edited pictures of your fantastic day.


    Lauren & Jim

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    The pictures are awesome! I don't have any that I can show. Especially after Ruth got finished with Paul. I can tell you, I've never had a more fun birthday.

    Jeff and I looked for you guys the morning we left but didn't see you. By the way, I hope ya'll enjoyed our parting gift. : - )

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    2 questions: should I pack some paint? OK I actually only have 1 question. 67 days and counting...
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    So are they body painting regularly at SSB?? We are headed that way in 14 days.
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jes218 View Post
    Hey, Becca:

    Glad we were able to help celebrate your 16th!

    Here are some extremely edited pictures of your fantastic day.


    Lauren & Jim
    great pics !!!
    Axtella - i dont think it is a offical SSB event the rock painting is and depending on your group things can get fun real quick --- nicey nice !!!

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    I had heard of the body painting before I went so I made a point of speaking with ShelliAnn about it. On the Friday of my 50th birthday they brought out the paints, and the fun began. The staff is so great and loves to go along with the guests.

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    Default B-Day

    What a great way to spend your Birthday and your suit was so easy to pack!!!!!!!!!


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