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    Default Going to CN for the first time in june

    Hey all my gf and i will be going to CN in june (19-26) and cant wait! Not that it matters but was wondering whats the average age of people staying there? Im in my younger30s and my gf is her mid-late 20's and hope that there will be some couples around our age as well

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    My wife and I are going to be there the 19-26 as well. This will be our first time to CN, we are looking forward to a good time. We both are in our early 30's. Hurry up June!!!

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    We went last June and it was a good mix of people in their 20's/30's and an older crowd there for their return visits. In the summer, there will be a good mix of honeymooner's (us last year) and those just vacationing. You won't be disappointed. We will be back in July for our 2nd visit!

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    21 to 80!!!!!!

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    Awesome. Im def looking fwd to it and meeting some new people. See everyone soon!

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    My husband and I will also be there in June (14-21) we will at least get to meet some of you we are both 31.. This will be our first time to Jamaica and we cant not wait!!!

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    My wife and I will be back the 14th-21st for our 10 year anniversary. Fourth to Jamaica and second to Couples Negril. Looking forward to doing some diving. The wife will be getting her OW and I will be getting my AOW. If you are looking to dive, talk to Richard. He is one of the best.
    Jamaica Us Happy
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    My husband and I will be there the 21-29. We are in our late 20s! See you there! We went to CTI last year and I thought there was a perfect mixture of older and younger couples.

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    June 11-18 here. mid 40s celebrating our 25th anniversary. Planing on CTI but may do CSS...thats a tougher choice

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    Possibly looking at coming to CN June 13th-21st. We are both mid-twenties. Went to CSS for our HM two years ago and were actually hoping to try a different island this time. However, due to travel agent issues....we may be returning to Couples!

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    Me and my fiance is going June 23rd-July 3rd We are both 25.

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    We are going from June 6 to 16 .. also the first time the CN. We enjoy meeting new people wherever we travel. We are what you call a "mature" couple, my husband is retired but I am still working. Really excited about going as my husband had heart surgery in January and we had to cancel a trip that we scheduled in April.

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    me and my fiance are going to be there for our HM on june 17-24! both early-ish 20s!

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