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    Default Single Digit Dance.... Woot Woot!

    9 days, 4 hours & 17 minutes until we land at MBJ and head to CSS for the first time!!!

    So excited... We've been to CSA (2004 for our wedding) and CN in 2005. But haven't been back to lovely Jamaica since (don't you hate it when life gets in the way!)

    There is snow on the ground here and cold temps. Can't wait to leave that all behind.

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    I'm jealous! We're at 28 days and counting.. please post about your trip when you get back and have a great time!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    8 days till our first trip to CSA, but who is counting? WOOOOOO

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    46 days, can't wait, WOOOOHOOOOO

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    3 days, 3 hours.... can't wait. Just need to finish up all the last minute packing stuff and we are all set! Can't wait as it is very cold here and was snowing earlier.

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    TOMORROW!!! So most likely by the time this posts, we'll be on our way to CSA!!!

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    we're doing the "dirty 30 Dance!!!

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    We are officially in single digits!!! Woooohooooo!!!!

    9 days 'til CSS and we are sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!

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    1 more sleep... we leave tomorrow!!!!!

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    We have crossed the official line into the single digit dance. CSA soon come March 29th

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    6 days to enjoying the sun at CTI. After 6 inches of snow last night why isnt it tomorrow

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    212 days for us, sooooo jealous of you! Have a WONDERFUL time!

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    We got excited when we did the double digit dance can't wait for the single digit dance... 59 more days until CTI/CSS split...

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    2 days until CSS!!!!!!


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    21 days and a sleep for us!!
    CN 4/12 -4/19

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    Soooooo excited!!!!

    CSS and JAMAICA here we come!

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    56 days for us...we are jealous too! We are also new. Looking forward to hearing your report when you get back! Have a blast! Have a drink on us.

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    91 days still better than the 400+ from when we booked.

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    Just got back on Saturday. We had an awesome time. Will post a full review soon.

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    Looking forward to your review!

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