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    Default A couple of CSS questions

    Does CSS have anything like the Negril beaches with the red flag service on the beach to get drinks? We're getting close to booking CSS, but we don't want to have to walk a long distance or anything anytime we want another drink as we're laying out during the days.

    Also, how is the room service? I saw something say that you have to order a day in advance for anything you want, is this accurate?

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    CSS uses blue flags, but yes.

    You do not need to order room service in advance. It works just like room service. For breakfast, if you want a continental type breakfast, you can hang the filled out menu on your door the night before. If you want eggs to order, bacon, sausage, etc.. you need to order it in the morning when you wake up. We ordered the night before typically and did notice if you asked for breakfast between 0600-0615, it arrived at by-god-0600. Maybe it was our room location, we were in A12, first floor corner room closest to SSB.

    Scott and June

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    I believe there are flags on the textile side beach for drink service,but do not remember them on the AN side. As far as ordering room service, I know we ordered the evening before for our 6am breakfast in our room but not the evening meal. We are very early risers and can't seems to kick the habit for the week we are there. We onlyordered at night once and I think they do not do it on the special event nights either, but you wouldn't want to miss the Gala on Friday night.

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    There is red flag service - no worries - and even if you choose to walk to get a drink - it isn't that far!

    As for the room service - at CSS there is no ordering a day in advance - pick up the phone and you shall receive! I think you have to order early at CN and CSA but not at CSS. It comes in about 20 minutes usually (our experience) and we used it a lot. We liked to get a cheese or fruit plate while we were getting ready in the evenings...
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Yes, CSS does have red flag service, so no worries there!

    But that's not correct about room service - only CN must be ordered a day in advance. At CSS, you pick up the phone and order when you want it. It's quick, hot and the servers are some of the friendliest! We definitely gained the most weight while at CSS because we found ourselves ordering room service snacks/apps to eat while we were getting ready for dinner. Ah! It's very good. Here's a sample of the menu:
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    They do have flag service but really the beach is so small we got up and got our own drinks.

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    Yes CSS has the flags and in our experiences, they have been very attentive. CSS room service is wonderful, just call and place your order, it will arrive shortly to your room. No pre-planning necessary.

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    My goodness , where have you been reading this stuff?! Yes, there is a system to get drinks whilst laying down on the beach but to be honest it can't be further than 50 to 75 yards, from anywhere you would be lying on the beach, to the nearest bar (unless you are at the far reaches of SSB). Beware as sand gravity is very strong at CSS (and other Couples resorts I guess), hence the need for the drinks call system (which is no more than you describe above).

    Room service is superb and I almost choked on my afternoon tipple (Earl Gray Tea - or 'Early Gray' as one of our room service ladies called it last time we were at CSS!) at the suggestion that 24 hrs notice is required. Fret not, the longest we have ever waited is around 30 - 45 minutes and that was when they were very busy!

    Enjoy and stop worrying. It's not Colditz, it's home!

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    Hi, CSS' room service you do not have to order a day in advance. We're coming up on trip #7 and have never pre-ordered a meal. As for the Main Beach and bar service, the Beach Bar is right there so you will not have a long walk to get a drink. We are normally on SSB and have not seen the red flag service, but the pool bar is also close there as well, so you are never too far away from a drink! Have a great trip!

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    Yes, CSS has the flag service just like CN. Room Service is great! You order by midnight for breakfast but lunch/dinner can be ordered anytime and will arrive quickly.

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    You CAN have room service for your evening meals ANY nite, even when the Gala or the Beach Party are going on... sometimes you don't want to do the big events and just want a quiet dinner... many have room service those evenings and have supper on your balcony or in your room.

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