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    Default Just back from CN with our thoughts

    This was our 5th trip to CN and this is what we thought.
    Arrival...We arrived on Friday the 22 at about 2:20pm. We had purchased just the arrival service from Club MoBay and felt it was worth it for us. Three other planes were unloading and the ramp was full from the top down to the cattle lines, the cattle lines were not to full but would of filled up about half way or more. For the first time we flew Timair over and loved it with Colon our pilot. We chose to walk accross the road and to the resort with a lot of guys telling us to let them give us a ride but the walk was about 3 minutes. Walking up and seeing Herbert there was great..."we don't have any rooms" was his comment with his big smile!!!! Check in was done in minutes and our room was not quite ready but 30 minutes is not a big deal.
    Room....We were in 1109 for the third time in 5 visits and love it. I will say they had a reception Wed night on the beach and were rolling plates, glasses, the bar bottles past our room from 10 -11 pm and that is a lot of racket when trying to sleep. I wish they had a quiet time starting at say 9:30 or 10:00 and the staff didn't roll stuff around after that time.
    Food....All was good, love the service as always. Our only complaint was the time it takes to eat at Heliconia, 90min. to 2 hours for dinner is to long for us. We had 4 twice and 6 people once and it was never done in less than 90 minutes. What else are we going to do???? Give us that time and let us decide.
    Entertainment....Other than the wine and cheeze at 6:30 and repeaters dinner we didn't see a thing. So relaxed that it was ten toes up time, so to bed we went!!!
    Beach....Great, flag service perfect.
    Shoutouts in no particular order....Adrian, Denver, Tasheka, Omar, Cheryl, Negil, Shana, Margret, Denna, Keno, Herbert,and staff that we forgot.
    Miss you already.....Ann/David, Meridith/Hank, Christina/Jeff(white guy), Barb/Dave, Iowa gang, Arkansas contractors group.

    One comment about the new manager, Ricardo....appeared not to know the staff that he was introducing at the repeaters dinner. He asked another staff member by him 4 times before introducing the next manager????? Maybe they were just talking about the dinner to come

    WE ARE NOT GOING BACK NO MATTER WHAT.............................................. .........until 2-14-14

    CN 2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013 and 2014!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Budlightguy View Post
    ..We were in 1109 for the third time ...
    Have always been curious if the noise from the ice cart (under the stairwell just outside that room) bothers you?

    I tend to get ice early in the AM - like right before sunrise (for cold drinks on the beach, and OK, occasionally for AM champagne). The scoop on the ice can be noisy so I always try to go as slowly and quietly as possible but always think I may be waking someone in that room (similar for Block 6 and other blocks but was in Block 1 last month).

    Can you hear it?

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