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    Default CSS--Vacation nightmare in paradise!

    Our April 16th connecting flight was cancelled by American Airlines, so we had to fly another carrier the next day, this put us a day and a half behind on arriving at our paradise. As our plane landed in MBJ, we received a text that my mother in law was very ill and needed emergency surgey, the surgeon said we should come home. No flights out till next day. The greeters at the airport were very nice, obviously we were not in jovial mood Bus ride to resort uneventful. Just us and another couple and we were all tired, they had day and a half delay too due to a bird! Check in was great, girls were very nice. Champagne and cold towel, just as everyone said. We had Deluxe Ocean Verandah. Guy who took us to room was great, gave us the grand tour of all of the features of the room. Mini bar was empty, they brought up water right away. They said they could not get anything else until morning. (It was around 11 pm). Must fill our room service breakfast request and mini bar request by 2 am and hang on door. No problem. Grabbed a snack at beach bar grill, jerk chicken and pizza, very good. The next morning after lots of phone calls, texts messages, Mom doing well, but still in ICU and very sick (she is 82), lobby was very accommodating. Booked tickets for first flight out and left on bus that morning. 12 hours in paradise....The room was so great, huge walk in shower with windows that open to the ocean. Balcony and view spectacular. It was D16. We want the same room when we go back. We are very bummed we didn't get to have our dream vacation (We have been reading every forum post and every trip advisor review every evening for four months!!) However, we are very greatful mother is doing well and we could get home for her and family. Looking forward to our trip even more now. Every one says beach in Negril is nicer, but this beach looked fantastic!!! So beautiful, loved the romantic steps and lush foilage. Just a little preview for us I suppose!

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    BriannLisa - Sorry to hear of all of the problems those couple of days threw at you, but pleased to hear that your mother-in-law is on the mend. We just returned 2 weeks ago from our 8th trip to paradise. I can't imagine how hard that must have been to have left like that, but we so hope you get to go back, as CSS is one beautiful, romantic resort, with an absolutely wonderful staff. Have you made any plans to return to CSS?

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    Aw shucks, that stinks. Hope mil is doing better. Css will be there for you soon I hope.

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    Yes! We are going on May 8th, keeping our fingers crossed and praying that every thing goes well. We are really looking forward to it, the little bit we saw of the resort looked so amazing.

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    So sorry to hear this, but understandable... Family far outweighs the importance of a vacation. I certainly hope she is doing well and at some point soon, you can make your way back to CSS. You were fortunate to have D-16, the first room we had on our honeymoon 2 years ago. D block is a great balance of convenience and privacy, and that shower!!!! What can I say. Good luck to your mother in law. We hope for the best....

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    Wow. Sorry to hear that. Hope your mother keeps improving.

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    So sorry to hear about your mother and your short time in paradise! Hope you get to return to enjoy this amazing resort!
    I do have a question about the room...which building was it? The one by the hammocks overl

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    So sorry to hear about your mother and short time in paradise I hope you get to return and have a beautiful vacation!
    I do have a question about your room...I have been 1 time before and stayed in a beachfront suite this time we want a verandah room...trying to find the best building and room! Would appreciate any help!

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    We were in D16 and we loved it! Very close to everything, but up high enough for great view. The shower was AMAZING, huge with windows that open to a fantastic ocean view. The balcony was nice sized, it was exactly like the balcony pictured the the Verandah category. We are hoping to get the same room when we try to do this vacation again next week! The building was by the two hammocks.

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    I think you went through what everyone fears. Sorry you had to experience it first hand. So glad to hear she is doing better. I hope you get back to Couples sooner than later.

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    Blessings Brian and Lisa
    So pleased your mother-in-law is on the mend. We are leaving Roger's 90 year old mum too. Its respite for me as I am her carer.

    I think your 12 hours in paradise, was a gift of what is to come for you when you come back to Couples Sans Souci next time.

    We are flying on the 10th of May, please God, for 14 nights.

    I thank you for your review, I too have been looking at every review each day in the last three months since we booked our 10th Wedding Anniversary holiday..

    I have been to Couples Negril, I loved it, the beach is beautiful but there are people from other resorts walking by and other trying to sell you things, so Couples Sans Souici, does not have that as the two beaches as I understand are not accessible in the same way.

    I love the idea of two coves, that means I hope lots of peace and beautiful people..... If you remember Negril's beach is very big, but takes in all the resorts from left to right of couples, the guards are great, I loved the naturist beach there as it was very quiet, but to get into the sea you had to wear one of the float mats as there were people walking up and down all the time. Sans Souci does not have this and sounds amazing.

    Love and healing to you and your family

    Eva and Roger

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    Hi BriannLisa,
    So sorry to hear about your first introduction to Couples/Jamaica, but glad to hear that your MIL is doing well and that you are able to return and hopefully fully enjoy the specialness of CSS.

    We may well have the opportunity to meet you as we will be arriving on Tuesday, May 2nd for 9 days, until the 16th. This is our third time to CSS, our 13th time to Couples.

    Sounds like you had the perfect room and do hope you are able to get that same room when you arrive. We tend to prefer the One-bedroom Beachfront. I suspect every room is just perfect.

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