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    Default Questions about activities/water sports @ CSA

    1. What is the Film Fest @8pm on Saturday? Do they show a movie on the beach? Current ones or older movies?

    2. What times are the snorkeling excursions? About how long are you gone? Sign up the day before @ the waterspouts hut?

    3. Does the cat cruise go out every evening? At what time? When and where do we sign up for this?

    4. The scuba resort course is M-F @ 9am. Do you go on your dive right after you finish the course, or sign up for a different day/time?

    5. Can we make dining reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers at the same time right after we check in? Or can you only have one reservation at a time?

    We plan to spend most of our time relaxing on the beach, but there are a few things we are interested in doing during our stay. Just trying to get some more info so we can fit it all in without doing too much in any one day!

    Thanks again!

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    1. Yes, it's a movie on the beach. Older movies like Cool Runnings - it will be posted on the daily activity board on property.

    2. Snorkeling is twice a day - morning and afternoon, around 10am and 3pm. Yes, you sign-up in advance at the watersports hut.

    3. The cat cruise goes out every day except Mondays (I think) - can't remember for sure. It leaves at 3pm and gets back at 6pm. You sail out the bay and stop in a cove where you can swim and cliff jump (for a fee). Then you sail back along the coast at sunset. You also sign up for this in advance at the watersports hut.

    4. Yes, you go on the resort dive immediately following the class. Any dive after that is $50 (for non-certified divers).

    5. Nope, you can get your reservations for the whole week at once if you like. But we never know what we'll be in the mood for so we only do a couple at a time, a day or so in advance.

    Hope this helps! We will be headed back for trip #11/12 to CTI and CSA this April. Happy to share our CSA pics and tips -
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    1.) when I was there a couple of years ago, they played cool runnings
    4.) you finish the resort course and go dive after a 30 minute break or so. We went and dove around 11:30
    5.) On lobster night, we made dinner reservations at both lemongrass and feathers (one at 6 and one at 8) so that we could try both. It is hard to get into both if you don't book these a day or two in advance.

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    1. Yes, movies on the beach. Sometimes newer and sometimes classics. Usually romantic.
    2. Snorkel boat times are variable based on season but usually 9:30, 11 and 1:30 I think. 45-60 minute trip. Sign up a day in advance.
    3. I think it is 3 days a week. I think you can book when you make your dinner reservations on arrival (if not, they will direct you). I think it is from 3:30-5:30 or 6.
    4. Successful resort course participants usually have their dive at 1 (or 1:30?) on the afternoon of the course.
    5. Yes. But you can only have 1 reservation at each restaurant.
    Smart to plan ahead! Hope this helps. Enjoy!!!

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    Randymon, see why we need the old activity board reinstated?

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    We just got back from CSA last month. Some of the answers do vary depending upson high or low season. But here is what was in effect last month.

    2.) The snorkel boat has scheduled trips for 11:00; 1:30 and 3:00 (except for Thursday, when there is no 3:00 trip). Book the day before at the watersports hut. Tip: try to book the 11:00 trip; the afternoon trips have a tendency to cancel as the wind and waves sometimes pick up in the afternoon. The glassbottom boat tour goes out at 9:30 (they use the snorkel boat for this tour).
    3.) The cat goes out every day except for Sundays and Thursdays. You can sign up at the concierge desk. It leaves at 3:30 and they try to time it so you return in time to watch the sunset.
    4.) Yes, you go out on your resort dive the same morning as you complete the resort course.
    5.) You can make reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers immediately after you check in (we usually head to the concierge desk after we get our keys). You can book up to three days in advance. You can make one reservation at a time for each restaurant. So, for example, if we arrive on a Sunday, we'll make a reservation for Lemongrass for Tuesday and for Feathers for Wednesday. You cannot book a second reservation until you have used your first reservation. So, using the above example, we can make a reservation for Lemongrass again on the Wednesday following our Tuesday dinner.

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    Bob and Judy, nice!

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    Randymon...please, please get this information back on the activities and inclusions list like it used to be. The change that was made to eliminated it only confuses your guests for no reason.

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